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Our world-class design team offers extensive expertise in optical,
mechanical and electronic design. We can design, develop and
manufacture state-of-the-art optical assemblies and optronic
modules to meet all of your cost, quality and performance targets.

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Qioptiq Defense Technical Expertise: Design & Development

Design and Development

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Manufacturing Technology

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Design and Development - Optical Design

Design and Development

Optical Design

•  Design in all wavebands from deep UV to visible to long wave IR
•  Multi-spectral optics
•  Zoom lenses & multiple field-of-view optics
•  Optics for seeker heads, surveillance and target tracking
•  Optics for head-up displays and helmet-mounted displays
•  Design for military environments
•  Stray light analysis, narcissus analysis, athermalization

Mechanical Design
•  Design for hostile environments
•  Robust and lightweight designs
•  Complex packaging
•  Novel mechanisms, precision mechanisms
•  Finite element analysis
•  Cost efficient design and assembly

Electronic Design

•  Closed loop servo control for accurate positioning of lens groups
•  Embedded algorithms, active athermalization and focus laws
•  Display drivers & man/machine interface
•  Image processing
•  Camera systems

We recognize the need to continuously develop new technologies
in order to provide state-of-the-art designs that meet increasingly
demanding requirements.
•  Wavefront coding
•  High efficiency diffractive structures
•  Material bonding techniques
•  Conformal Optics
•  Free form surfaces
•  Advanced coatings
•  Cost efficient, precise and durable assembly technologies
•  Optical metrology technologies

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design and development expertise
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State-of-the-art integrated machining

Manufacturing Technology

Qioptiq offers a complete capability for the manufacture of complex
opto-mechanical assemblies and optronic modules.

Our world class manufacturing capability is internationally recognized for its
fabrication of specialized components and modules, as well as capacity for
high volume production. We offer a wide range of optical manufacturing,
assembly and integration technologies to manufacture your product cost-
efficiently, on time and with the highest levels of quality.

Our diamond-turning facility is capable of producing in excess of 1800 surfaces
per week and we have the latest metrology to ensure quality is maintained at
this rate of production.

Beside standard optics, we also offer aspheric generation, aspheric polishing
and MRF finishing, enabling production of the highest performance components
in the infrared and other wavebands.

Our capabilities include:
•  Fabrication of optical components (lenses, prisms, windows, domes,
    mirrors, filters, and more)
•  Deposition of optical coatings
•  Fabrication of volume holograms
•  Machining and finishing of mechanical components
•  Assembly, testing and qualification of complete optical modules

Our state-of-the-art integrated machining and UPMC facility
makes us the uncontested highest-level manufacturer of optical
components, including:

•  CNC ultra-precision diamond turning
•  CNC aspheric generation and polishing
•  Magneto-rheological finishing
•  Supporting metrology

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Optical coatings for Visible and IR materials


Qioptiq operates one of the largest optical coating facilities in Europe,
providing a choice of over 1000 proprietary coatings for most visible light
and infrared light materials. We are specialists in the ultra-durable, IR–AR
and thin-film coating technologies and we now produce in excess of 100,000
coated components a year.

With expert coating engineers and skilled technicians using state-of-the-art
coating design software and leading edge masking and uniformity techniques,
we are the experts in the field of coating technology and capability for civil
and military applications.

Our capabilities include:
•  Edge and narrow notch coatings
•  Durable coatings - DLC, Boron Phosphide (BP)
•  Laser protection filters
•  Standard and laser mirrors
•  Filter and attenuation coatings
•  Beam splitters, dichroic, trichroic (X-cube prisms)
•  AR, conductive, protective

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optical coatings for Visible and IR materials
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