Qioptiq designs and manufactures photonic products and
solutions that serve a wide range of markets and Applications.

Engage our expertise
to speed your development
and enhance your
product performance.

Put our extensive
manufacturing capabilities to the
test. Qioptiq is your key to photonics
for innovation.

Qioptiq-Semiconductors, microelectronics, photography

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Qioptiq | Ophthalmology, dental imaging, laser surgery, endoscopy, x-ray, microscopy, flow cytometry, and more

Qioptiq | Equipment, sub-assemblies, modules & components for Defense & Aerospace

Qioptiq | Machine vision, lasers, inspection, metrology, projection, prepress, semiconductors, microelectronics, photography and more

Qioptiq | Equipment & Components for R&D Labs

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Qioptiq-Microscopy, DNA Sequencing, flow cytometry, clinical diagnostics

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