Medical and
Life Sciences

Our expertise in the Medical & Life
Sciences sector makes us your perfect
partner. You can count on us to plan,
design, develop and produce the most
demanding optical systems exactly to
your specifications.


Medical and Life Sciences

Learn more about our complete offer for Medical and
Life Sciences companies:

Medical Technology

Medical Technology

Ophthalmology, dental imaging, laser surgery,
endoscopy, x-ray imaging and more
Biotech & Life Sciences

Biotech & Life Sciences

Microscopy, DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, clinical
diagnostics and other biomedical applications
Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer service for our Medical & Life Sciences
equipment and offers

Focused on your needs
Whether you need a customized solution for a complex photonics engine,
or a sophisticated lens system, or build-to-print manufacturing, Qioptiq
will always provide you with a cost-effective and reliable optical solution,
accompanying you through the whole product life cycle from concept
and development through prototyping and product qualification to serial
production and after-sales service.

Unrivalled engineering and manufacturing experience
Our customer service builds on our vast experience in the fields
of optics, mechanics, electronics and systems engineering. A good
understanding of your application has always been the secret to our
success. We are eager to tackle new technical challenges and provide
you with trend-setting solutions.

Expert optics solutions, everywhere in the world
Qioptiq is your optics expert for a large variety of Medical and Life Sciences
disciplines: DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, dental imaging, x-ray systems,
ophthalmic diagnostics and laser surgery, microscopy, endoscopy and much
more. Our worldwide customer base includes both large international firms
and renowned small specialist companies.

Committed to quality
All our customers value our extremely high levels of development and
production competence. All of our global sites are ISO 9001 certified, three
sites are ISO 14001 certified and one site is ISO 13485 certified.

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Medical & Life Sciences?
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