Night Vision
Goggles with
Video Display



LUCIE-2D Night Vision Goggles with video display

LUCIE-2D is an image intensified night vision goggle incorporating a video display, capable of superimposing data or video onto the intensified image. 

LUCIE-2D heralds a new step in compact, lightweight optical performances in the optronics field for infantryman while offering new essential functions for modern warfare. 

LUCIE-2D is an ultra-compact and lightweight goggle, allowing remote aiming, II-IR optical fusion and data display overlays.  

Compliant with soldier systems and video standards, LUCIE-2D is low profile with a 51°field of view, and a video display of 42.5°

LUCIE-2D is equipped with a variable gain Image Intensifier tube and display brightness adjustment in order to balance the viewed image. 

With its ruggedised, waterproof design, LUCIE-2D complies with military specifications.  

The LUCIE-2D video display capability allows:
•  the visualisation of data from the system
•  the remote aiming from a camera mounted on the weapon, ensuring soldier protection
•  Fusion of Intensified and Infrared images by means of the addition of a thermal camera connected to goggle

LUCIE-2D can be mounted on all systems for infantryman or be coupled with all kinds of cameras thanks to its multi-standard electrical interface.

Standard Configuration:
•  User manual
•  Connection cable
•  Carrying bag
•  Protective caps
•  Cleaning set
•  Transport case
•  Helmet mount  

Optional Accessories:  
•  3.8x or 5x magnifier lens
•  Magnifier carrying bag
•  Removable battery housing box
•  Clip-on thermal module

Main Features

•  Magnification: x1

•  Field of View of Intensified Image: 51° circular

•  Field of View of video display: 34° horizontal x 25.5° vertical (42.5°diagonal) for 800x600 pixel display

•  Typical on-axis resolution of Intensified Image at optimum light level, with intensifier tube at 60pl/mm: 1.1 cycle/mrd

•  Dioptre Adjustment: -6 to +3 dioptres

•  Interpupillary distance: 56 to 74mm

•  Eye Relief:   >20mm

•  Focus Range: 20cm to infinity

•  Goggle weight (without cable): 370g

•  Power Supply: Either from the system or from the (1) standard 1.5V AA battery (Lithium)

•  Communication Interfaces: RS232 serial Link

•  Video Standards Compliance: VGA, SVGA, CCIR, RS170 Built-in infrared illuminator with IR-on indicator. Low voltage indicator when in stand alone mode. Automatic cut-off for intensifier in high light conditions.

•  Operating temperature: -32°C to +44°C

•  Storage temperature: -46° to +71°C

•  Water Immersion: 1 metre for 2 hours

•  Optional Accessories: Objective lenses filters according to cockpit lighting, Transport case 

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