for Infrared

Qioptiq has been a leading manufacturer
of optics and optical modules for infrared
detection, warning and imaging systems
for decades.

Defense Components for Infrared Applications  Qioptiq has been a leading manufacturer of optics and

Together with our defense business partners around the world, we develop
and manufacture infrared, warning, detection and imaging systems for
defense applications.

Our infrared systems components are used in equipment designed to detect
and track any kind of thermal targets, including missiles, tanks, armored
vehicles, helicopters and fighters, for situational awareness or to detect
threats related to thermal light emission. Our expertise also has commercial
applications and is used, for example, in lenses for thermal inspection systems.

Typical components for infrared applications provided by:

•  Optical components for missile warning, detection and tracking systems
•  Missile seeker head components and modules
•  Components for thermal surveillance and inspection cameras
•  Spherical and aspheric lenses
•  Mirrors and prisms
•  Domes and windows
•  Cassegrain systems
•  Optical components and assemblies for SWIR, MWIR and LWIR wavebands

Some of our key products include:

•  Infrared search and track modules
•  Multi-spectral optics
•  Infrared zoom lenses and multiple field-of-view optics
•  Ultra-wide angle infrared missile warning lenses
•  Infrared re-imaging objectives for 3rd generation cooled focal plane arrays
•  Infrared objectives for the latest 17 µm uncooled sensors
    (e.g. TWS, DVE, RWS)
•  Electro-optical modules for fire control and observation
•  Primary missile guidance optical modules
•  Complex optics for missile seekers
•  Infrared objectives 17mm, 25mm & 75mm:
         - Adaptable interface (M38 standard) for multiple
           user applications
         - Available in versions for the 3–5 µm and  8–12 µm
         - Field-of-view ranges from tele to wide angle for 25µm
           pitch sensor arrays
         - Rugged optical coatings and reliable mechanical housing complete any
           technical package with optimal efficiency in design

A wide range of materials
Qioptiq processes a broad range of infrared materials for lenses, windows
and domes. These include: germanium (Ge), zinc sulphide (ZnS), Cleartran,
zinc selenide (ZnSe), silicon, gallium arsenide (GaAs), magnesium fluoride
(MgF2), arsenic tri-sulphide (As2S3) aluminum oxynitride (ALON), sapphire
(Al2O3), Vitron IG2, IG4, IG6, Amtir-1, Umicore Gasir-1, thallium bromoiodide
(KRS-5), lithium fluoride (LiF), calcium fluoride (CaF2) and others.

Our wide range of supported materials gives you access to the highest
performance solutions, offering lower mass, lower cost, improved durability,
passive optical athermalization and multi-spectral operation according to
your application requirements. For example, we have a unique process for
fabricating diffractive surfaces on silicon to very stringent tolerances enabling
a significant reduction in cost and mass whilst maintaining the highest levels
of imaging performance.

In addition to transmissive optical components we process many metals for
reflective systems including aluminum, brass and nickel. We have fabricated
off-axis parabolas up to a diameter of 600 mm and have manufactured reflective
systems where both the primary and tertiary mirrors are on the same substrate
to minimize assembly tolerances.

We routinely manufacture spherical, aspheric, and diffractive/hybrid surfaces
from infrared materials. We also offer a strong capability in dome manufacture
for the most durable materials including hemispherical and extended-
hemisphere geometries.

Our world-class optical design capability is complemented by an unrivalled
manufacturing facility, enabling innovative high-performance solutions to be
realized, engineered for volume production.

This capability makes Qioptiq the preferred choice for a wide variety of prime
contractors and military establishments around the world.

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components for infrared applications

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