Optical Solutions and
Flexible Laser Technology™
for Flow Cytometry

In 2010, Point Source became Qioptiq.
Qioptiq is proud to have acquired Point
Source, established world leader in the
field of Flexible Laser Technology™ in
2008. In 2010, Point Source changed its
name and logo to become a full part
of Qioptiq.

Optical Solutions and Flexible Laser Technology™ for Flow Cytometry

High performance fiber optic laser systems for
flow cytometry

Qioptiq’s single mode fiber delivery systems deliver laser light with
absolute accuracy – and are ideal for the most challenging precision
measurement applications.

Our offer for flow cytometry includes the kineFLEX™, iFLEX-Viper™,
iFLEX-Mustang™, iFLEX-Adder™ and iFLEX2000™.

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Laser Beam Delivery
Photonics Engines

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Laser Beam Delivery


Qioptiq’s award-winning Flexible Laser Technology™
helps you bring your laser beam to your sample
volume: single or multiple wavelengths from UV
to infrared come in a TEM00 true Gaussian beam
with low dynamic pointing error. Our products
kineFLEX™, iFLEX-Viper™, iFLEX-Mustang™, iFLEXAdder
™, iFLEX2000™ offer you a maximum of
flexibility for your specific application.

Plug & Play modularity
The kineFLEX™-HPV™ kinematic laser to fiber
coupler enables true Plug & Play benefits. Sub
micron repeatability and sub-micro radian stability mean systems need be
aligned once only and provides your instrument with true modularity and
high repeatability for multiple remove and insert operations of the fiber,
and high stability to optomechanical thermal effects with no hysteresis.

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Photonics Engines


Comprehensive experience
Qioptiq works with a whole range of customers
in the development and manufacture of madeto-
measure flow cytometry instrumentation. Our
expertise in precision optomechanical integration,
design for manufacture, microscopic imaging and
fluorescence across multiple wavelengths has made
us a valuable partner in developing optical modules
for bio-fluid imaging and analysis.

Complete solutions
Qioptiq can master your full photometric beam
path. From the single or multiple wavelength laser
or conventional light source with spectral filtering, collimation and focusing
optics through the sample volume to the detection side with recollimation
optics, spectral separation and filtering, detection, signal processing and
digital output. All these functionalities can be combined in one compact,
fully aligned and tested assembly which we call a “photonics engine”.

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Our Standard Products
High quality, right off the shelf

Qioptiq’s world-renowned Q-Shop (formerly the LINOS Shop) certainly has the
standard components you need for your experimental setups.

Have a look at our:
Zoom and Microscope Optics
Achromats and Lens Systems
Faraday Isolators
Laser Modulators and Pockels Cells
Machine Vision Lenses
Plano Optics
Thin Film Coatings
Tube mounting system C
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Optical Solutions and Flexible Laser Technology™ for Flow Cytometry

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