Optical Solutions and
Flexible Laser Technology™
for DNA Analysis

Qioptiq accesses new solution paths in
the diagnosis of hereditary diseases,
virus detection and the development of
pharmacological substances.

Optical Solutions and Flexible Laser Technology™ for DNA Analysis

Photonics Engines for Fluorescence Detection
The insight gained from the research on genes and proteins is having a
revolutionary impact on medical diagnostics, pharmacology and food
control. Luminescence and fluorescence are the preferred methods to
capture the results of bio-chemical assays whether the sample format is
a biochip, a microtiter plate, a capillary or a gel. Qioptiq accesses new
solution paths in the diagnosis of hereditary diseases, virus detection
and the development of pharmacological substances.

Development and Manufacturing Competency
Over the recent years the company has become a first-class development
and production partner of renowned appliance manufacturers in the fields
of research and clinical diagnostics. Qioptiq co-developed a series of very
successful measuring systems for fluorescence detection in the past years,
which are an important contribution to basic molecular biology research.

Highly Efficient Optical Systems
Each component of our systems is optimized to achieve the high efficiency
which is required to detect the very weak signals of the fluorophores.
Our optical systems are designed for maximum light capturing ability thus
increasing sensitivity and throughput of your instrument. They provide
a higher dynamic range accommodating for the vast differences in
fluorophore concentration across the sample array and reduce cross-talk
between sample spots through optimum optical resolution.

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Refractive Surgery


The simplest approach to detect the fluorescence
emitted from a biological sample is to image
the sample onto a camera. The advantages of
an imaging solution are the fast image capture,
the highly stable system, the real images of the
biological sample, and the very low probability of
false signals.

Excitation Light Source Design
For the setup of the illumination assembly for
fluorescence excitation we consider the appropriate
excitation spectrum, select the powerful light sources to excite the entire
sample, create the high quality illumination optics for uniform distribution
of the excitation light, minimize stray-light and ghost images, and select
auto-fluorescence minimized components to reduce background noise
through the entire system.

Efficient Fluorescence Detection
We optimize the efficient collection and imaging of fluorescence light. Our
optics systems combine a large detection lens aperture to increase light
collecting efficiency, a vignetting-free optics to eliminate analysis errors
near the edge of the sample, an excellent optical resolution to reduce the
cross-talk between sample spots, optical blocking filters to keep excitation
light away from the detector, and CCD sensors, that are perfectly adapted
in resolution and sensitivity to transfer the image into digitized signals.

Data Acquisition
Qioptiq is also your expert for the conversion of the collected photons
to diagnostic data. We serve you with integrated detector solutions with
high-dynamic-range analogue-to-digital conversion, noise suppression, bad
pixel analysis and a digital interface to provide you with the most accurate
test results.

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Scanning Optics


Background Noise Reduction

The dynamic range of imaging systems is often
limited by electronic background noise. These
applications require a more sensitive detector such
as photomultipliers. The assays are analyzed by
scanning the sample and sequentially reading the
detector output to deliver digitized images.

Flexible Setup
We tailor your custom scanning system to perfectly
match your requirements. We integrate single
or multiple wavelength laser beams, variable beam expansion optics to allow
to easy change of resolution and throughput, high aperture scan lens to
capture the maximum of fluorescence light and thereby increase the system
sensitivity. Background signal is removed by focusing the fluorescence light
through a carefully adjusted pinhole. Appropriate dichroic mirrors and
interference edge or notch filters suppress the fluorescent response from
excitation illumination.

Scanning Principles
For scanning the excitation beam over the sample you can either use galvomirrors
to deflect the excitation light by before focusing with a flat-field scan
lens or a laser collimating lens moving in two dimensions which laterally scans
the laser spot across the sample.

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Laser Light Sources & Fiber Beam Delivery

 Laser Light
 Sources &
 Fiber Beam

Qioptiq’s award-winning Point Source Flexible Laser
Technology™ helps you bring your laser beam to
your sample: single or multiple wavelengths from
UV to Infrared come in a TEM00 true Gaussian beam
with low dynamic pointing error. Our products
iFLEX-Q3™, iFLEX2000™, kineFLEX™, iFLEX-Viper™,
iFLEX-Mustang™, iFLEX-Adder™, kineMATIX™-P2
offer you a maximum of flexibility for your specific

Plug & Play Modularity
Qioptiq can provide you with standard or
customized fiber guide technology and single
or multiple wavelength laser sources which
can be perfectly matched for fluorescence excitation if required.

Our kineMATIX™ optomechanical system guarantees a perfectly stable
coupling from the laser source to the fiber light guide.

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Custom Components and Filters

 and Filters

For your application we also provide you with
custom components and filters as for example:
lenses, polarizers and dichroic elements, bandpass
filters, short- and long-pass Filters, Raman
filters, fluorescence filters, edge and notch filters.

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