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Optical coatings for Visible and IR materials


Qioptiq operates one of the largest optical coating facilities in Europe,
providing a choice of over 1000 proprietary coatings for most visible light
and infrared light materials. We are specialists in the ultra-durable, IR–AR
and thin-film coating technologies and we now produce in excess of 100,000
coated components a year.

With expert coating engineers and skilled technicians using state-of-the-art
coating design software and leading edge masking and uniformity techniques,
we are the experts in the field of coating technology and capability for civil
and military applications.

Our capabilities include:
•  Edge and narrow notch coatings
•  Durable coatings - DLC, Boron Phosphide (BP)
•  Laser protection filters
•  Standard and laser mirrors
•  Filter and attenuation coatings
•  Beam splitters, dichroic, trichroic (X-cube prisms)
•  AR, conductive, protective

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optical coatings for Visible and IR materials
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