Optical Solutions for
Clinical Diagnosis

Benefit from our comprehensive
experience. Qioptiq has worked with
customers in the development and
manufacture of clinical diagnostic
instrumentation for years.

Optical Solutions for Clinical Diagnosis

Our expertise in precision optomechanical integration, design for
manufacture, microscopic imaging and fluorescence across multiple
wavelengths has made us a valuable partner in developing optical
modules for bio-fluid imaging and analysis.

Your partner in developing the solution you need
Whether your system requires handheld compact designs, clinical
bench top performance and durability, or central imaging lab imaging
versatility, Qioptiq will work with you from concept and prototype
with the foresight to ensure your system is optimized for volume
manufacturability and mission critical reliability.

Swallowable Camera Assembly


Even if your application must live with the
most extreme environmental conditions,
Qioptiq can help you find a solution. As
just one example: Qioptiq cooperated
with a specialist company to develop and
manufacture a swallowable camera.

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Our Standard Products
High quality, right off the shelf

Qioptiq’s world-renowned Q-Shop (formerly the LINOS Shop) certainly has the
standard components you need for your experimental setups.

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Achromats and Lens Systems
Faraday Isolators
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Optical Solutions for Clinical Diagnosis

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