Standard and Custom
Optical Solutions for
X-Ray Imaging

Qioptiq develops and distributes a variety
of imaging systems for X-Ray Imaging.
These range from numerous standard
optics and customized lenses up to
complete radiology cameras.

Standard and Custom Optical Solutions for X-Ray Imaging

Angiographic, surgical or lithotripsy applications require the highest
image quality and a high dynamic range. Qioptiq meets your demands
with high-aperture and fully motorized units. Swing-in filters,
automatic stop adjustment, integrated incident light reading and
modular focus have been our design standards for many years.

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Camera Systems


NEW SlimLine High-Performance 1K x 1K
CMOS X-Ray Camera/Lens System

The NEW SlimLine is the First ever 1K x 1K CMOS
Camera System designed to deliver superior
diagnostic imaging performance and economy.
Compatible with all 9” and 12” image intensifiers,
SlimLIne streamlines OEM integration in mobile
C-arm devices. This modular system combines
high-resolution (f/1:1.8) optics with 1k x 1k CMOS
camera, a universal interface and a motor-controlled
iris. Special functions include auto gain, gamma
correction, frame on-demand and more.

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SlimLine SDK Software Development Kit (71 MB)
Drawing - diameter 20
Drawing - diameter 25
Technical Specifications
SlimLine flyer

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Unpack, mounting and setup

Luma X-System Fluoroscopy Camera
The Luma X-System is a 1k² camera for human fluoroscopy. The Luma
X-System comes with a very flat design to allow a short image chain
and offers comprehensive data processing options.

Customer-Friendly Interface

The integrated electronics of the LumaCam provides 14-bit digital signal processing and bad pixel compensation, GigE Vision data transfer — with no frame grabber required, and almost unlimited cable length. Also on board and controlled through the GigE interface are a motorized iris, a swing-in neutral density filter and an online light measurement for X-ray dose control. Moreover the system offers various image processing functions like: circular blanking, shading correction,
edge enhancement, and different recursive filter factors.

High-Resolution Optics
The 1:1.6 high aperture LumaGon objective lens is specifically designed to
achieve optimum resolution when combined with the small sensor of the

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Customer- Specific Solutions


HR Heliflex: Adaptable to your specific needs

The HR Heliflex is an example of a Qioptiq lens
made for high-resolution CCD Cameras in X-Ray
diagnostics, mainly used for angiography, the
most demanding discipline in X-ray diagnostics.
This lens is free of vignetting, temperature
compensated and provides the extremely high
performance demanded by cardiac angiography,
general angiography and cerebral angiography.

Flexible solution
The HR Heliflex’s high light efficiency helps to
minimize the X-ray dose for the patient.
The optomechatronic system provided by Qioptiq includes a folded lens
setup to reach small external dimensions and additional features like a
motorized iris and integrated light measurement. Extras like rotation and
a swing-in ND filter are available to meet any customer‘s request. The
optical setup can easily be customized to fit perfectly in your specific
system environment.

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Digital Radiography


XV Heligon 4k for digital radiography

The XV Heligon 4k is designed for digital radiography
with sensors in the range from 2k up to 4k.
It represents the high-end optical solution for
human direct radiography in combination with a
scintillator foil.

Exceptional performance
Qioptiq offers an optical system with
outstanding characteristics: a high aperture of 1:1.0, an object size of 430x430 mm, an object distance of less
than 1013 mm, passive temperature compensation, and an optical resolution matched to 4k CCD cameras. Moreover the modular assembly offers a focus adjustment to achieve the optimum performance in your system environment.

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Our Standard Products
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standard components you need for your experimental setups.

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Standard and Custom Optical Solutions for X-Ray Imaging

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