for Visible Light

Qioptiq is renowned for the design and
manufacture of visible light optical
components for a wide-range of avionic,
hand-held and vehicle-based platforms.

Defense Components for Visible Light Applications  Qioptiq is renowned for the design and manufactur

•  Head-up, Head-level and Head-down displays
•  Helmet-mounted displays for rotary wing and fast jet aircraft
•  Binoculars
•  Imaging lenses for surveillance, inspection and target tracking
•  Zoom lenses
•  Image intensifier optics
•  Eyepieces for handheld equipment (e.g. weapon sights, goggles,
    surveillance sights)
•  High end lenses for UAVs
•  Free form components and combiners
•  Laser modulators, switches and components for high power lasers
•  Lenses, prisms, windows, domes and mirrors

We have invested in the latest CNC technology for high-speed generation,
polishing and edging to produce spherical optics up to a diameter of 200mm. 
If we use conventional methods, we can produce up to 350 mm.

We offer double-sided smoothing and polishing for windows, CNC grinding
for profiling irregular geometries, smoothing and polishing of cylindrical
components as well as conventional pitch polishing.

We routinely manufacture complex prism geometries for reticle injection,
image orientation and HMD eyepieces. We also produce prism assemblies
incorporating holographic elements for HUD applications.

We polish optical glass from all the major suppliers, including Schott and
Ohara, as well as calcium fluoride and many plastics including EYAS, Acrylic,
Zeonex and CR39.

With our UPMC facility we can manufacture visible diffractive surfaces
enabling correction of chromatic aberration with no additional mass.

We offer the capability to generate and polish aspheric surfaces on visible
components, giving our designers the ability to significantly reduce the
complexity and mass of many optical systems, particularly head-up displays.
We have also developed technology to manufacture aspheric combiners to
further simplify head-up display modules. Where required we have the
capability to manufacture toric components, this technology is utilized in
many of the HMDs we manufacture.

Using state-of-the-art technology, our highly experienced staff manufactures
domes as well as free form components and combiners. A range of specially-
created free form components and combiners allow us to make further
improvements to complex or challenging optical designs.

Qioptiq has facilities for the volume manufacture of visible components
around the world, giving us the ability to satisfy requirements for all
applications, civil and military.

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components for visible light applications 

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