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Components for space-based applications:
Cover glass, optical solar reflector and ultra thin glass

We are specialists in radiation stable micro-sheet cover glass

Qioptiq Space Technology is a specialist manufacturer of radiation stable micro-sheet cover glass for the space industry. With a dedicated glass melter housed in our facilities in the United Kingdom, we can offer you a fully integrated manufacturing capability. Furthermore, our advanced research and development continue to keep us on the leading edge of space technology.

A noble heritage
We entered the space business in 1970 as Pilkington Space Technology so our heritage speaks for itself. Our unique range of cerium-doped glass components (based on Pilkington technology) has been utilized on over 2500 satellites worldwide. 

Solar cell coverglass and optical solar reflectors
Our glass compositions and our custom coating designs have made us
the major global supplier of both solar cell coverglass and optical
solar reflectors to the global space industry. 

Qioptiq Space Technology supplies more than 80% of global demand for solar cell cover glass and optical solar reflectors (OSR).

From the first Cerium Doped Glass (CMS) in 1970, followed by CMX, CMG
and then CMO Qualification (in 1998), we have been at the forefront of
development to meet the demanding requirements of space qualified

Silicon solar cells and Gallium Arsenide solar cells

We have developed and qualified a wide range of coatings for both Silicon solar cells and Gallium Arsenide solar cells, and we have an excellent optical solar reflector offer for thermal control applications.

Our components for space-based applications include:

Cover Glasses
•  Cover glass is used to protect solar cells from damage which would otherwise
    occur due to ultra-violet, electron and proton irradiation
•  Cover glass is manufactured from ultra thin glass. This ultra thin glass is
    cerium doped.
•  Cover glass is used in most major satellite programs for both civilian and
    military applications in Europe, USA and Japan

Optical Solar Reflectors (OSR)

•  An optical solar reflector (OSR) is used for the thermal control of spacecraft on the sun-facing sides of satellites
•  An optical solar reflector reflects incoming solar radiation while simultaneously radiating internally-generated heat
•  OSR are used in most major satellite programs for both civilian and military applications in Europe, USA and Japan

For more information about our cover glasses,
our optical solar reflectors (OSR) and other
components for space-based applications

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