Fused Weapon Sight

SAKER is a high-performance, in-line
fused weapon sight optimized for
day & night use in any light conditions

DEFENSE & AEROSPACE  KITE Weapon Mounted Night Sight  KITE is a compact and lightweight military sta


Fused Weapon Sight

SAKER is a high performance in-line fused weapon sight combining image intensified and thermal imaging technologies to deliver enhanced 24 hr capability. It is designed to provide the user with the ability to rapidly detect, recognise & identify targets in all light, weather and battlefield conditions

SAKER is a fully qualified military fused weapon sight designed specifically for short and medium range surveillance and target engagement


•  Image intensified, thermal and fused capability
•  Common aperture solution for zero parallax
•  Compact, lightweight and rugged
•  High-performance optics and coatings
•  Simplistic and intuitive controls
•  ITAR free
•  Optional accessories include light shrouds
    a remote control and interface cables


•  Magnification:  x1.0
•  Field of View:  8.1°
•  Weight:  <890 g (incl. SAKER Fused Weapon Sight,
    picatinny style rail grabber (single throw lever, no
    adjustment required) 3 x AA Lithium Cells, lens cap
    and light security shroud)
•  Length:  189mm
•  Height:  75mm
•  Width:  84mm
•  Detector type: 320 x 240, 17μm pixel pitch
•  Batteries: 3 x 1.5V AA batteries
•  Battery life:  >6.5hrs continuous operation, blend Mode,
                        >40hrs continuous operation, I2 Mode
•  Accessories:  Lens Cap and Light Secure Shroud,
    Transportation Case and Field Pouch, Operators
    Manual, Lens Cleaning Kit, 3 x AA Lithium Cells
•  Optional Accessories:  Various paint scheme
    options available, 6 Function Remote Control,
    Blended Video Output, Daylight Training Filter

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