Equipment and
Components for
R&D Labs

Qioptiq has the equipment,
components and accessories
that R&D labs need for their
experimental setups.

Equipment and Components for R&D Labs  Qioptiq has the equipment, components and accessories that R&

In 2010, LINOS became Qioptiq
Qioptiq is proud to have acquired LINOS, global manufacturer of sophisticated optical components and systems, in 2007. In 2010, LINOS changed its name and logo to become a full part of Qioptiq.

Qioptiq Q-Shop: High quality, off-the-shelf products

Qioptiq’s world-renowned LINOS catalog and
online Q-Shop store have a wide selection
of very high quality lab equipment and
accessories for customers operating in
scientific research and industry laboratories.
More than 3,000 items are available for
immediate purchase.

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Qioptiq Q-Shop: Premium off-the shelf optics
Our precision optics present a noticeably superior performance. Our
offer includes LINOS achromates, singlets, lens systems, F-Theta lenses,
laser diode modules, mirrors, polarization optics, zoom and microscope
optics, thin film coatings, LINOS Faraday isolators, laser modulators and
Pockels cells and more.

Qioptiq Q-Shop: Premium off-the-shelf mechanics
Qioptiq has a wide variety of precision opto-mechanics including LINOS
Microbench™, Nanobench™, tube mounting system, positioning systems,
mirror mounts, profile and rail systems, optical tables, spectrometers
and more.

Qioptiq Q-Shop: Premium off-the shelf instruments
We have light sources and instruments for the most demanding

The response to any other requirement

Qioptiq is your optics expert for a large variety of Medical and Life Sciences
disciplines: DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, dental imaging, x-ray systems,
ophthalmic diagnostics and laser surgery, microscopy, endoscopy and much
more. Our worldwide customer base includes both large international firms
and renowned small specialist companies.

Committed to quality

Do you have a specific application or require a customized assembly?
Qioptiq is the perfect partner to develop a tailored solution to your
unique requirements. Our teams can help you from conception of your
instruments through product development to serial production.

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Research & Development? 

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