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Qioptiq designs and manufactures photonic products and solutions that serve a wide range of markets

Qioptiq Q-Shop

The Qioptiq QShop is the place to go to buy Qioptiq's world-renowned products.

The online Q-Shop store has a wide selection of very high quality lab equipment and accessories for customers operating in scientific research and industry laboratories.

More than 4,800 items are available for immediate purchase on the Q-Shop.

Buy the products you need online, at the QShop!

Qioptiq Q-Shop for premium off-the shelf optics

The precision optics on our QShop present a noticeably superior performance. Our offer includes LINOS achromates, singlets, lens systems, F-Theta lenses, laser diode modules, mirrors, polarization optics, zoom and microscope optics, thin film coatings, LINOS Faraday isolators, laser modulators and Pockels cells and more.

Qioptiq QShop for p
remium off-the-shelf mechanics
Qioptiq's Q-Shop has a wide variety of precision opto-mechanics including LINOS microbench, nanobench, tube mounting system, positioning systems, mirror mounts, profile and rail systems, optical tables, spectrometers and more.

Qioptiq Q-Shop for premium off-the shelf instruments

Our QShop has light sources and instruments for the most demanding applications

Visit the QShop, Qioptiq's online store