Micro Optics for
Medical and Industrial

Qioptiq offers a unique capability for
micro optical components and systems.
Our products include both standard off-
the-shelf items and OEM solutions. 

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Micro optics for medical and industrial applications
Qioptiq micro optics are widely used in medical applications such
as endoscopes and ophthalmic systems; and in industrial applications
such as inspection and other tasks where their small size and their
renowned high-quality optical imaging is so important.

Optical components of all kinds and sizes
Our optical lenses, doublets and triplets can be either manufactured to your
specifications or shipped immediately to you off-the-shelf. Our doublets are
available down to 0.5 mm diameter; and our singlets down to 0.3 mm. Plano
optical components can be provided according your specifications. We work
with all optical glasses as well as other materials like fused silica or sapphire:
Ask our experts and they will meet your demands.

Customized micro objectives
We can also provide complete micro objectives ready for your application.
Diameters can go down to 1 mm and the field of view can go up to 150°. For
micro optical lens systems, we create a diaphragm by applying a chromium
layer directly on the surface of the lens. Pinhole diameters down to 0.1 mm
(5µm accuracy and 10 µm de-centering) are also available.

Customized opto-mechanical assemblies
We can also work with your teams to design suitable micro optical lens
systems. We work with all standard optical design software. We provide
support during the full cycle of development, mechanical and optical design,
including coatings, prototypes and serial manufacturing. All our products are
tested and results are documented.

Sites around the globe
Qioptiq has development and manufacturing sites in western Europe,
eastern Europe, the US and Asia, making us your ideal partner for high
quality micro-optical solutions.

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