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Qioptiq Introduces New Products At
Photonics West 2010

Products released ahead of new LINOS Catalog launch

January 26, 2010

On the opening day of Photonics West 2010, Qioptiq announced that it has
launched a number of new products, which will be featured in the latest
edition of its International LINOS catalog, scheduled for April 2010.

A selection of the products is on show at the exhibition on the Qioptiq booth
(Number 1523) these include:

Optical contacted polarizing beamsplitter cubes, which are derived from a
unique combination of Ion-Beam-Sputtering coatings, ultra precise fabrication
capabilities and the patent-pending, epoxy-free bonding technology—Chemically
 Activated Direct Bonding™, which results in a zero-bondline thickness.

High-Energy Dispersion-Free Laser Mirrors, for ultrafast Ti:Sa and fiber lasers.
The dispersion-free mirrors offer both broadband reflectivity and high laser-damage
thresholds. These laser mirrors are ion beam sputtered; thus the coatings are dense,
easy to clean and insensitive to moisture.

The LINOS Microbench XYZ-Fine adjustment unit enables a precise adjustment of
components within the microbench cage system. The inner diameter of 25 mm
allows the use of microbench mounted optics or elements like pinholes or fiber
connectors. The travel in XY-direction is +/- 1 mm. In optical axis direction the
travel range is 5mm. Crossed roller bearings ensure precise tiltfree guidance.

LINOS Achromats NIR, Positive from 40 mm diameter, unmounted - to offer an
even more complete product spectrum new NIR achromats have been introduced
to the company’s portfolio.

The Flat Rail System 65 is the latest addition to the LINOS catalog’s comprehensive
line of rail systems. With its width of 65 mm, the FLS 65 fills the gap between the
FLS 40 and FLS 95. In conjunction with LINOS assembly elements, FLS 65 lets the
user install mounted optics with a diameter of up to 2" on the rail.

LINOS Linear Positioners™ consist of an aluminium body and a sliding carriage made of stainless steel with precision-grounded bearing surfaces for the crossed-roller bearings. The crossed-roller bearings provide high-resolution movement and large load capacity. The LINOS™ positioners can be used horizontally and vertically. They can be combined to XYZ combinations without any additional mounting brackets. Different threaded holes ensure compatibility to the LINOS construction systems.

Optem Zoom Inspection Stations are now available for quick and convenient configuration of workstations for video zoom microscope inspection, research and analysis applications. Kits consist of durable mounting stands with precision mechanics and optional X-Y staging, which support a variety of Optem Zoom Optical Lens kits to meet a wide range of micro-imaging needs. Kits are Camera-ready for optimal integration with C-Mount Cameras ranging from 1/4” to 1” sensors. Ring-light and coaxial illumination options also available.

LINOS MachVis Lens Selector Software ver 3.5 now available. Download your free copy of the latest release of LINOS MachVis 3.5 Lens Selection Software today! Leverage this streamlined application to ensure that you select the best possible LINOS lens solution for your machine vision application based upon four basic specification parameters: Object size; Working distance;
Sensor size and Camera mount.

Note: High-resolution images of Qioptiq products are available on request.
Please click here to make a request.


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