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DAGIR from Qioptiq on the right path

Uncooled thermal image surveillance system moves into gear  

March 21, 2011

DAGIR , the Qioptiq surveillance system, utilizes state-of-the-art, low power uncooled IR camera technology to provide a flexible solution to mobile surveillance requirements. 

DAGIR has been taken on the road (literally).   Its IR camera technology and modular construction proves a winning combination either mounted in a fixed location or on a vehicle to provide border and coastal surveillance, homeland security, infrastructure protection or force protection.  

DAGIR flexibility allows the user to add a number of optional items including; colour day camera, GPS, digital magnetic compass or laser range finder making it ideal for differing counter terrorism requirements when integrated into marine and land platforms.

, based on DAGIR, provides a complete wireless and / or cabled solution for users who require highly portable, flexible, mobile observation and remote surveillance capability. Rapidly deployed and self-contained, DAGIR Light offers the capability of remote 24 hour surveillance in hostile environments whilst allowing the user to remain at some distance from deployment.

DAGIR and DAGIR Light capitalize on Qioptiq's experience in fielding uncooled thermal imagers in dismounted close combat areas. They are cost effective surveillance cameras with the reliability of uncooled detectors ideal for System Integrators and forward observation units addressing the needs of a low power environment.

The design allows Infra-Red detector configuration with a variety of optional detector solutions available. A built-in growth path allows DAGIR to be future proof, giving customers the opportunity to upgrade performance or configuration. 

Suitable Applications: 
  • Patrol protection (rapid deployment)
  • Forward operating base protection
  • Covert ops remote surveillance
  • Force protection
  • Counter terrorism
  • Marine surveillance
  • Land surveillance 

Technical Information:  


Field of View: 4.3º narrow/12.8º wide
Weight: <10kg
Detector type: 8-12μm, 384 x 288 pixel uncooled microbolometer (640 x 480 option available giving approx 40% increase in range performance)
Day Camera: Super HAD CCD (740K pixels) x26 Optical Zoom
Features: Video Out/RS232 interface
Power Range: 12-32V
Mechanical: Fits most common Pan and tilt mounts (inc stabilized)
DAGIR Light 
Field of View: 6.82º HFOV (nominal)
Resolution: 1.36 c/mR
Detector type: 38μm, 320 x 240 pixel uncooled microbolometer
Detection/Recognition: Standing Man > 1501m (1 Cycle, 1.8 x 0.92m, Δ T2K, Clear air) Vehicle > 3751m (NFOV) (1 Cycle, 2.3m, Δ T2K, Clear air)
F Number: F/1.4
Focal Length: 103.25mm
Focus Range: 20m to Infinity


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