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Qioptiq Investing in Coating Technology at
Site in Goettingen, Germany

Lutz Knopek, a representative in the Bundestag (German Federal Government), came to Goettingen to convince himself of the productivity level at this center for technology.

November 5, 2010

In 2010 Qioptiq, a manufacturer of advanced optical products and systems, spent approximately one million EUR on the advancement of its core competencies, especially in the field of coating, and in the expansion of its infrastructure in Goettingen. The plant located at the former LINOS headquarters specializes in the coating of optical components to be integrated in systems used for the most diverse applications. For example, Qioptiq delivers high precision coatings for optical systems in head-up displays and for the semiconductor industry.

The largest investment has been in an ion beam sputtering system. Homogeneous and smooth coatings with optimal reproducibility can be produced with this high precision coating technology; highly complex mirror and filter coatings are also feasible. It can produce reflective coatings with an accuracy of nearly 100 per cent. Presently, efforts are being taken in Goettingen for the system to commence operations, with commissioning expected to take place in December.

Qioptiq has made further investment in the field of clean room assembly in order to improve production processes and quality assurance. The photonics specialist is also investing in a specialized cleaning method for optical elements with the goal of optimizing environmental and work safety conditions, as well as creating advancements in metrology. 

Qioptiq Executive Vice President Volker Brockmeyer explains: "We possess extraordinary know-how in Goettingen, which we have been developing for many years. One of our specialties is our coating technology. The investments in technologies and infrastructure show how important our location in Goettingen is to the Qioptiq Group."

Visit by FDP Bundestag Representative Lutz Knopek
On 5 November 2010 the Qioptiq plant in Goettingen was visited by Dr. Lutz Knopek, a representative in the German Bundestag (Federal Government). Executive Vice President Volker Brockmeyer, Managing Director Dr. Markus Ehbrecht and Head of Operations Sebastian Illert gave a presentation on Qioptiq’s overall capabilities and competencies with emphasis on those at the plant in Goettingen. During the factory tour, Knopek visited the clean room used for the assembly of high precision optical systems, which was installed in 2008, and was informed about the different development projects at Qioptiq Goettingen. One main point of focus here is UV technology.  

"Our national economy and our city live on the creative local companies that invest in research and development. They present the only means by which German products can remain competitive on the world market and are what make the city of Goettingen an attractive place for employees. We can be both happy and thankful that we have innovative companies like Qioptiq," said Knopek.  

The Goettingen location was part of the LINOS Group, which was acquired by Qioptiq in 2006. The products of both companies have been jointly marketed since 2007. The change in name of LINOS to Qioptiq in July of 2010 was the final step in the process of integrating LINOS into the Qioptiq Group. Qioptiq's brand identity was extensively modernized at the start of the year and unified for all fourteen locations and all 2,300 employees. This re-branding strengthened the brand's identity with respect to international competitors and bolstered sales.

Approximately 160 people are currently employed by Qioptiq in Goettingen.


Qioptiq News and Events