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Urgent notice: LIV20 and LAV400 amplifiers

Possible technical defects in certain LIV20 and LAV400 amplifier products

June 7, 2011

Dear Partners, Dear Customers: 

Since 1998 we have sold LIV20 and LAV400 amplifiers.

Immediately following an external inspection of these amplifiers (article numbers 8450-206-000-0, 8450-206-000-1 and 8450-206-000-2) we were informed that the risk exists that, in certain circumstances, technical defects may occur which may ultimately result in the possibility of an electrical shock.  

We are currently investigating in greater detail the warnings but nonetheless take them very seriously.

If you own one or more of above mentioned products please contact us immediately at either one of the following e-mail addresses:


Until further notice we urgently advise you to undertake the following precautionary actions immediately
  1. Check that the grounding conductor of the 230Volt/115Volt AC electrical socket that supplies the power to your LIV20 and / or LAV400 is existing and properly secure the grounding conductor function. Please also ensure that the ground conductor function works according to the compulsory requirements in your country.
  2. Check the connecting power cable of the LIV20 or LAV400 whether the grounding conductor is existing and properly secure grounding conductor function according to the compulsory requirements in your country.
  3. Do not use the rear interface for external control.
Please note: The above-described actions must be performed only by qualified personnel using appropriate measurement equipment.

Download more detailed inspection instructions here.

If you are able to have these actions implemented, please send documentation regarding the successful implementation of these remedial actions to:
Qioptiq Photonics GmbH & Co. KG
Attention Christoph Fries
Königsallee 23
37081 Göttingen

If you are not in the position to carry out immediately the above-described precautionary measures we urgently advise you to refrain from any further use of the LIV20 and /or LAV400.

You will be informed by us about the final result of our continued investigations as soon as possible. Nevertheless we will suggest you additional preventive protection measures shortly.  

Please feel free to contact us at the above mentioned e-mail addresses or by phone at +49 551 6935-401.

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