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POINTER Weapon Cueing System
The upsurges in expeditionary operations and global terrorism have meant an increase in counter insurgence, force protection and internal security duties. In such situations, finding the target can be a team activity.

Once the target is found the location needs to be indicated rapidly, accurately and intuitively to others best equipped and placed to deal with them without drawing attention to yourself.

Clearly there is a need to provide precise and easily assimilated target information to those best placed to counter the threat.  

Qioptiq and QinetiQ have been extensively involved in the UK Soldier Modernisation Programme since its inception in 1995.

Drawing on years of ‘Soldier System’ research, development and integration experience, POINTER is the product of a clear need, user input and advanced technology. It combines sensors with ‘Situational Awareness’ tools and ‘Augmented Reality’ to provide an automatic and direct link from the observer detecting the target to the effectors’’ own weapon sights.


Handing off targets from Observation Posts or other positions to those who cause effect is a difficult task and is often fed through a central C2 cell.

POINTER makes use of this information, provided by either a sensor such as a Laser Range Finder or a simple map and sends it to the weapon itself.

•  Links shooters with the sensors (and other shooters)
•  Accurate weapon based target indication
•  Simple and Intuitive
•  R ifle Variant
•  0.50″ Cal HMG Variant
•  Hand held Monocular – Plots targets on Base Station map for rapid handoff to indirect fire

Design Features:
•  Easy to assimilate iconology in the users weapon sight
•  Gives precise range and bearing to target
•  R ifle variant clips directly to in-service 3-12 Sniper Scope
•  Uses 4 x AA batteries
•  F its to Standard M2 0.50″ Cal
•  Can use Selex EZ Personal Role Radio or equivalent as wireless link
POINTER can be linked to almost any sensor system to provide real time target information to weapon operators and improve force protection.
•  Cues multiple weapon systems onto target silently
•  0.50″ Cal variant provides rapid firepower onto detected targets
•  A ll forms of Force Protection where effects are required rapidly

Technical Specifications
•  Weight: <1200g
•  Wireless range of 500m and 8hrs battery life from 4 x AA on rifle or 40 hours on HMG with BB 2590
•  <1 Sec transmit time from sensor detection.
•  Base Station runs on standard PC running XP

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