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Built to Print Capabilities - Discover our ‘Built to Print’ capabilities

Besides our global expertise at developing OEM products for our customers,
Qioptiq also offers very broad capabilities to manufacture products that are Built to Print, perfectly suited to your specific needs in the medical, life sciences, industrial manufacturing and defense sectors.

Built to Print components
Qioptiq has manufacturing sites in the US, western Europe, eastern
Europe and Asia. In today’s highly competitive markets, that means our
teams will find the best speed/price relationship to respond to your needs.

All known component types

Our teams of experts have managed Built to Print projects for clients in
the semiconductor industry, in biotechnology and in industrial inspection —
just to name a few!  We are particularly skilled at manufacturing:
•  Aspheres
•  Free form optics
•  Diamond-turned and metal optics

Built to Print modules
Our capabilities also include assembling sophisticated modules that
match your unique drawings. We are particularly skilled at assembling
modules for:
•  Semiconductor industry
•  Analytical instrumentation
•  Medical technology
•  Ophthalmology
•  Dental imaging

Sites around the globe
Qioptiq has manufacturing and assembly capabilities in the US, western
Europe, eastern Europe and Asia. In today’s highly competitive markets,
that means our teams can always find the best speed/price rapport to
respond to your needs.

The experience and equipment needed
We have years of experience working with computerized alignment,
centration and fixation technologies. Quality inspection of any product
we manufacture is checked with the most modern metrology equipment,
such as Shack-Hartmann sensors, aspherical phase shift interferometry,
UV to IR interferometry and MTF testing of optical systems and
broadband spectrophotometers.

Our renowned high quality is achieved in part thanks to our state-of-
the-art manufacturing and assembly sites, equipped with the most
modern machinery and the latest capabilities. Three sites are of very
recent vintage:  operations began at our new Munich site in fall 2009,
at our new Singapore site in summer 2008 and in Regen, Germany in 2006. 
Two of our sites have extensive clean room technology. And of course, all
of our manufacturing capabilities benefit from ISO certifications. 
(9001, 14001, 13485).

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Built to Print and Build to Print capabilities?

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