The Core
Values of Our

Qioptiq designs and manufactures photonic products and solutions that serve a wide range of markets

Our Core Values

Qioptiq’s mission is to design develop and manufacture products and
solutions for our extensive customer base. The skilled employees and
professional managers of our company are committed to offering a
world-class service in photonics.

Within Qioptiq we acknowledge the high levels of dedication and
achievement demonstrated by our employees every day.

Our seven core values, shared by all people working for Qioptiq, help
us meet these challenges:

1.  Customers
We listen and respond  >>>

2.  People

Our main resource  >>>

3.  Teamwork

Our major strength  >>>

4.  Business Integrity

At the core of our working life  >>>

5.  Innovation

The key to our future  >>>

6.  Performance

Focus on continuous improvement  >>>

  Society and Community
Responsible citizenship  >>>

We know that our future success is dependent on the constant
commitment of our employees and that it is our responsibility to provide
and encourage working environments where our Core Values are a vital
part of our operational culture.

Customers: We listen and respond
Our business focuses on finding advanced and cost effective solutions to
meet our customers’ operational requirements.

We are proud of our customer responsiveness, standards of service,
enthusiasm for and understanding of their business needs. Our objective
is always to be considered more as a partner than a mere supplier.

Our communications with our customers are open and honest. We pride
ourselves on being technically clear, accurate and forthcoming.

We particularly value and support long-term customer relationships in
which mutual trust thrives and successful business flourishes.

With our suppliers we work in partnership to ensure that customers receive
value for money.  The highest quality standards and timeliness are integral
parts of our supply chain in our delivery of products and services.

In all circumstances, we make sure that our actions towards and relationship
with our business partners are in full compliance with law and regulations,
regardless of the complexity or difficulty. The company’s head office will
make sure that all employees are well informed and trained to abide by
applicable laws and regulations.

Within Qioptiq
•  we are proud of our pedigree and expertise
•  business is conducted with openness, honesty and clarity 
•  customer relationships are nurtured
•  we strive to exceed expectations


People: Our main resource
We capitalize on the business contribution made by all employees, their
varied skill sets, roles and responsibilities.

Our focus is on providing an interesting yet challenging work environment,
underpinned by a foundation of constructive relations. We endeavor to
achieve excellent communications and encourage and support on-going
dialogue among our employees at all levels.

We encourage personal development, helping individuals to exploit their
potential and we actively promote and support their quest for knowledge,
enjoyment of continuous learning and active participation in the life of the
company. Recruitment and promotion is based solely on merit and ability
on an individual basis.

Respect, politeness, humility and trust are the behavioral characteristics
we applaud and recognize are essential in creating a work environment
where the best results can be achieved. Discrimination, in any form, is not
tolerated. Each employee is valued and appreciated for who he or she is.

We encourage employees to recognize that they have influence and, as such,
they share in the collective responsibility for the performance of the business
and the company’s reputation.

We support cross-fertilization among our diverse cultures. This allows us to
expand more readily in new parts of the world, benefit from different ways
of reasoning, and understand better our customers, wherever they are situated. 
Within Qioptiq
•  each individual employee and his or her contribution is valued
•  personal development is supported 
•  we believe in treating others as we would expect to be treated
•  an individual feeling of business ‘ownership’ is encouraged


Teamwork: Our major strength
As a business we gain strength by leveraging the talents and creativity of
our employees through co-operation and teamwork.

We draw on the different backgrounds of our employees and the number
of centers of excellence around the world to enrich debate and promote
strong, international understanding. 

We encourage the sharing of knowledge and recognize that employees are
supportive of their colleagues, helping and guiding others to create a
trusting, enjoyable and committed environment.

Our leadership style is to state our operational objectives in a clear and
decisive way, within a sensitive and responsible context.

We acknowledge that our business success is a direct result of building and
nurturing strong teamwork.

Within Qioptiq
•  business strength and success is gained through teamwork
•  cultural diversity is a benefit to our entire organization 
•  supportive environments result in trust and greater enjoyment
•  in our working life
•  we are clear in stating our operational objectives
•  we promote Qioptiq as a single entity and our actions confirm this approach


Business Integrity: At the core of our working life
Qioptiq places maximum importance on business integrity and upholding the
highest moral standards across all our activities.

We conduct all aspects of our business with fairness and honesty and do not
give or receive improper inducements for business gain. 

We understand the rules and regulations that apply to our business around the
world and adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct. 

We focus on meeting and exceeding the exacting business standards demanded
by our customers.

Our employees are actively encouraged to openly discuss and seek total clarity
on any issues relating to business integrity.

Within Qioptiq
•  we create open, team-orientated environments to support the highest
•  levels of personal integrity
•  inappropriate inducements of any kind are not part of our work ethic 
•  we meet the stringent international regulatory obligations that apply
    to our business
•  we acknowledge that high standards strengthen customer partnerships


Innovation: The key to our future
We are proud of the capabilities of our employees who consistently
demonstrate the highest levels of skill and expertise that keep us at the
forefront of high technology optics.

We are not complacent in appreciating that our business is driven by the
need to encourage entrepreneurship, new technologies and product
innovation to achieve sustained competitive advantage. To accomplish
this we continuously develop and invest in leading-edge processes which
support our business objectives.

We readily accept exciting challenges and constantly question traditional
approaches in the pursuit of new, superior solutions.

Interaction with academic institutions and the scientific community is
encouraged, together with the sharing of information relating to benefits
which can be derived from our latest research.

Within Qioptiq
•  we demonstrate the highest levels of capability
•  we understand that advantage is achieved through
•  entrepreneurship and innovation 
•  we challenge and question to achieve best results
•  we recognize the value in communicating achievements


Performance: Focus on continuous improvement
The application of and improvement upon best practice is a fundamental
working process within Qioptiq.

We set challenging performance targets and consider the need for continuous
improvement to be a major part of our culture, with individuals and project
teams striving to refine and enhance processes.

We aggressively eliminate inefficiencies in every facet of our business processes.

Focus on the highest levels of quality in our equipment, modules and components
is incumbent in all our actions. In certain areas, we are pursuing a zero defect
policy, with a view to progressively cascading it throughout the company.

Punctuality is key to meeting our performance objectives and is demonstrated
within all aspects of our business.

Within Qioptiq
•  best practice is our blueprint
•  performance targets are challenging to encourage excellence 
•  we strive for optimum performance across processes
•  highest quality levels are integral to our business


Society and Community: Responsible citizenship 
At Qioptiq we understand the principle of being responsible citizens.

We work with national and local governments and other organizations to meet
our legal and civic obligations and manage our impact on the environment.

We recognize the benefits that our facilities can bring to a community and work
to sustain them and, where possible, support local institutions.

We are active members of our communities and acknowledge the efforts made
by employees to participate in local pursuits as well as charitable and fundraising
activities. We also praise those who are engaged in teaching and tutoring.

Within Qioptiq
•  we strive for good communication in order to meet our corporate obligations 
•  we respect our environment and play an active role in community life 
•  corporate social responsibility is a part of our business strategy
•  we are proud of our employees’ initiatives in supporting their local communities


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