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Qioptiq - Optolines, Qioptiq’s Journal for Photonic Solutions

For many years now Optolines, our journal for photonic solutions, has enjoyed
a well-deserved reputation for the quality of its articles and interviews. Please
feel free to download and review past editions of Optolines below

Optolines — N° 37 2015
Biophotonics - What does the future hold? | Prototype of Flow Cytometer with off-the-shelf components in eight weeks | Qioptiq and Excelitas at the Laser World of Photonics in Munich | Tested in the lab: Q-Sets – fast, safe, compatible | Motorized Beam Expanders – Flexible in the lab, compatible in production | WinLens Workshop and Congress of Physical Society in Berlin | Trade show calendar, Recommended Reading

N° 36 2014
New PreDesigner Version 5.0 | Qioptiq at VISION and Precision Fair | NEW Qioptiq Q-Sets give you complete, tested assemblies for your setup: Q-Sets – How to save time in the lab | The Fraunhofer Application Center for Plasma and Photonics – Laser Plasma Hybrid Processes in Optical Technologies | Thin-film coatings at Qioptiq | The Coating Center in Göttingen | Qioptiq in Aßlar – Big in Micro-optics | Busy days at the LASYS – The first Göttingen Metrology Symposium | Trade show calendar, Recommended reading

Optolines N° 35 2014

Leverage synergies - one of the goals for 2014 | Qioptiq at LASYS 2014 | Interview with Matthias Koppitz : Optical systems for laser material processing | LINOS micro Bank - From the aluminum block for precision system | Premium Achromat - strong design - For OEM applications in industry | Improved planning the product creation process - Higher quality with Q- PEP | thin films at Qioptiq - LINOS coatings | Fast, accurate rough calculation - PreDesigner App V 5.0 | Reports : production at the rain - From the glass blank for precision optics - glass : "Gold of the Bavarian forest "

N° 34 2013
Qioptiq is now an Excelitas Technologies Company | Taking that decisive step... – Qioptiq products crucial for the success of the space mission | Qioptiq continues to invest in high-precision mounting and assembly technology – New alignment turning machine with heightened efficiency and accuracy | The best of everything – Ultra-versatile Optem FUSION lens system | Moving images - Video introduction to optical designing with WinLens | QIOPTIQ VIDEO SLAM – Play and win a Christmas package! | News from around the Qioptiq world – Trade shows, graduates, sales | Trade show calendar: December 2013 – April 2014, Recommended reading, editorial staff of Optolines

Optolines N° 33 2013

Qioptiq Fall 2013: Qioptiq receives certification as "Known Consignor"; Qioptiq can continue to export high-tech products securely | The original Microbench ™ turns 50! - It now represents a half-century of expierence to meet the highest quality requirements | The single-molecule gold rush: Gold nanoparticles for nanometer-precise optical microscopy |  Micro-laser tracker for 3D coordinate measuring-offers shorter processing times, higher precision | Part 3: Optical design with WinLens ™ 3D - analysis and Optimization | Qioptiq impresses their visitors at LASER World of Photonics 2013 - Read the review of the " laser World of Photonics 2013 " | Exhibition Calendar September - December 2013 | Read the literature review, by the Optolines editors

Optolines N° 32 — 40th Anniversary LASER Munich, Special edition

Qioptiq May 2013: Qioptiq at LASER, Solutions worldwide... Close to you | Seven optomechanic systems for unmatched axial precision | New LINOS F-Theta Ronar 940-980nm Lens | New TC Series two-stage Faraday Isolator | New sine-wave Amplifier for phase modulators | New Laser power stabilizer | Expanded wavelength range iFLEX Viper multi-line laser engine | Higher powers for iFLEX2000 diode lasers | New kineFLEX Ultra | 1/10" objectives for flexible video endoscopes | mag.x system 125 for micro-inspection | New flo.x autofocus lens | Simulation and analysis with WinLens 3D | Non-destructive detection using Raman spectroscopy | High-precision coatings with Sputter technology

Optolines N° 31 — Spring 2013

Qioptiq Spring 2013: Many product innovations and applications, Three-dimensional imaging
3D fl ow visualization with a single camera | New inspection lenses
fl o.x – High resolution, good color correction, and rugged construction | Optical design with WinLens™
Introduction to PreDesigner | New cleanroom at the Göttingen facility | New inspection lens series
with liquid lens focusing flo.x – Combining high resolution, excellent color correction, and rugged construction | SPIE Photonics West 2013 Event News | | Trade show calendar | Editorial staff

Optolines N° 30 — Summer 2012

Qioptiq at OPTATEC 2012: Many product innovations and applications, new LINOS catalog and new LINOS e-Catalog | Qioptiq at the LaSys: Focus Ronar lenses – Magneto- optics and electro-optics – New motorized beam expander | Cleanrooms for special manufacturing | Investment in new cleanroom | Surface processing and coating techniques: Finishes for high-tech products | A new physics-based hypothetical explanation for the sinking of the Titanic: Wave formation, current effects and wave propagation at the hull | Optical freeform surfaces: An overview | Laser-assisted micromaterials processing: Laser-plasma ablation of optical glasses | Qioptiq Live: Trade show retrospectives: Photonica Moscow and Laser World of Photonics | Trade show calendar | Editorial staff

Optolines N° 29 — Spring 2012

Faster modulation, new wavelengths, higher powers: Compact laser modules in the NANO 250 series | Expanding the Qioptiq range of IL lamps: Spectral lamps for line spectra and monochromatic light | Laser speckle reduction: Electroactive polymers set new standards in size, cost and service life | Special HAWK Natural Sciences and Technology Department celebrates 20 years: ”Attracting even more young people to the engineering profession” | Qioptiq supplies highly specialized optical components: Qioptiq Space Technology in the Goldilocks Zone | Hein Leertouwer of the University of Groningen: More than 40 successful years with Microbench | Optical systems and components from Qioptiq prominent in medical engineering: Ultrashort laser pulse eye surgery | Glass roof at the University of Hanover: 3D documentation of the 13,000 square foot overarching steel structure | HoloTop digital holographic inspection system: 3D data at a glance | SPIE Photonics West 2012 | Photonex 2011 UK | Trade show calendar

Optolines Special Edition — Photonics West 2012
Journey inside the human body – Lenses for the world's smallest camera | Integrated beam splitter prism – Higher magnification objective lenses | Baltic 617: A miniature liquid lens – Electro-optical control of focus and tilt | New: Shear Plate Interferometer – Laser beam collimation testing: reliable results in seconds! | Gold coating: New technique – Excellent product and environmental properties | External control using “e-Light” –LED cold light source: CLS-LED USB | Sapphire windows and sapphire domes –Rugged, very resilient and much in demand | Lightweight mirrors for space telescopes – Materials, designs and manufacturing methods | Higher performance, new wavelengths – New NANO 250 Series | Glass Melting puts Qioptiq Hightech in Orbit | Job coating: Tailored coating solutions – The quick way to your coated optics | Trade show calendar |

Optolines N° 28 — November 2011
Integrated beam splitter prism – higher magnification objective lenses | New MachVis software 3.8 | Focus on image processing | TracePro 7.1 – latest version –
many visualization options | Roadshows | 150th anniversary of Emil Wiechert – Geophysics established in Göttingen | Mirror with scratch-resistant gold surface | Laser speckle reducer | SHSLab-BR-110-STD wavefront sensor robust and accurate measuring systems | Greater customer proximity through increase of inventory in Singapore | Rodenstock quality filter | Recognised around the world – the new Qioptiq Q-Shop | test@lab – Test the LINOS Microbench and Nanobench | Innovative idea celebrates its anniversary –
 20 years of flexible laser technology | OPLICA pinhole camera – a pioneer returns | FETURA – perfect interplay of tactile and optical measuring technology | Innovative thermal imagers and image intensifiers | Qioptiq success at the worlds largest defence and security Event | Nominated for German Betriebspreis 2011 | Reintegration after pa- rental leave | Trade fair and convention retrospective | Interview with Markus Muigg | Trade Fair Calendar |


Optolines N° 27 — May 2011
Compact USB spectrometer for all applications: Exceptional specifications | LASER World of Photonics – 11-page special report Product news | Job coating: Tailored coating solutions – the quick way to your coated optics | Light sources for the LINOS Nanobench: Miniaturized laser modules in the NANO 100 Series | Higher performance, new wavelengths: New NANO 250 Series | Vacuum-compatible worktops: Optical tables in the 730 Series for high vacuum | The new Qioptiq Shop is online! | Sapphire windows and sapphire domes: Rugged, very resilient and much in demand | Glass melts: High-tech from Qioptiq in orbit | New range of lamps from Qioptiq: Universal housing with models for halogen, Xenon and mercury vapor lamps | Image stabilization + autofocus = Baltic 617: Miniature liquid lens, electro-optically controlled | Trade show retrospectives – Trade show calendar – Recommended reading

Optolines N° 26 — Q1 2011
Gold coating: New technique | 75th Annual Meeting of the DPG and combined Spring | Shearplate-Interferometer | Laser beam collimation testing | New USB Controller CF 30 | Beam-splitter cubes for near-infrared | New focus-variable lenses | Production optimized: Price of Optotune lenses reduced | Quality control for technical medical products | Reliable measurement, secure documentation | Lenses for the world’s smallest camera | Journey inside the human body | Synthetic resin in lightweight construction | Optical in-situ monitoringa | NANO 250 laser modules: Precise control made easy | New remote control unit | An Accessible Alternative to Confocal Imaging | LED cold light source: CLS-LED USB | External control using ”e-Light” | New 4-segment LED ring light: RL4-S4 | Perfect contrast setting and ideal object illumination | Powerful optical analysis software | Powerful optical analysis software TracePro training courses | Lightweight mirrors for space telescopes | Materials, designs and manufacturing methods | Review Photonics West | Schedule of trade fairs 2011 | Recommended reading |

Optolines Photonics West  – 
Jan 2011

Take your innovation to new heights | Shining a light with high power density through optical material – Trigonometric calculation of thermally | Economical system for in-situ process control – OPTEM inspec.x Scan | STACIS® iX – Active vibration isolation, now for optical benches too | New: Luma X-system: GigE Vision interface – Extremely flat X-ray camera | Large area scan macroscope – Looking back at the history of Earth’s climate | Tailored optical system solutions – Fluorescence and luminescence detection | stressed optic systems | Fundamentals of glass production and optical manufacturing – Making precision optical components | Testing the characteristics of optical instruments – Practical properties of telescopic systems | High-precision length and angle measurement – High-resolution three-beam interferometer | Confocal Raman microscope without beam-splitters – Uses in laser and plasma research |

Optolines N° 25 — Q3 2010
Tailored system solutions: Fluorescence and luminescence detection | NANO 250 laser modules: New user software – free of charge | Qioptiq review from Vision 2010 | Updated line of lighting products | Autofocus: Liquid lens camera with optical image stabilization | High-resolution lenses | NewLumaX-System Extremely flat x-ray camera | Hightech for consumers: Rodenstock circular polarizing filter | Fundamentals of glass production and optical manufacturing: Making precision optical components | New site in Feldkirchen: Qioptiq Technology Day | Practical properties of telescopiq systems | Lenses with adjustable focal lengths: New degrees of freedom for optics designers | Confocal Raman microscope without beam-splitting elements: Uses in laser and plasma research | Fourth out-of-town seminar by the Optical Technologies Workgroup in Zwickau | Freeform surfaces: Workshop in Jena |

Optolines N° 24 — Q2 2010
Economical system for in-situ process control: OPTEM inspec.x Scan  |  Precise length and angle measurement: High-resolution three-beam interferometer  |  Looking back at the history of Earth‘s climate: Large area scan macroscope  |  Beam-splitter cubes | Cylindrical lens holders | Retainer systems | Angle adjusters | Adjustment units | Achromats | Aspherical collimating lenses | TM linear stages | Phase modulation | F-Theta Energy Ronar  | Higher standards in the semiconductor industry: Expanding cleanroom technology  | STACIS® iX: Active vibration isolation for optical benches | Shining a light with high power density through optical material: Trigonometric calculation of thermally stressed optics systems | Trade show calendar | Qioptiq at CONTROL |

Optolines N° 23 — Q1 2010
Welcome to the New Qioptiq | LINOS Catalog now under the Qioptiq flag | New standard products for LINOS Catalog | Light sources: Industrial image processing | Application note: Case Study by NIH of a 5-line iFlex™ ViperT | Optical systems in laser surgery: Femtosecond laser as scalpel | RGB camera module for particle detection: Quality assurance | Laser Laboratorium Goettingen (LLG) sets new standards: Raman spectroscopy | Broad range of specialized applications: OPTEM™ Zoom Lenses | Project SUNRISE at MPS Katlenburg- Lindau: Unobscured view of the sun | Trade show preview 2010 |  LINOS Catalog 2010.

Optolines in English took a brief hiatus in

Optolines N° 19 — Q4 2008
Alternative cold light source: The LQ-LED m.lux, high-power LED light source | Extremely compact design - low optical losses: Faraday isolators | LDD sensor for dynamic measurement | Bench systems: Rely on high quality! The LINOS Microbench™ starter set | Compact and user-friendly TRISTAN® USB: A success story | Light source modeling made easy: “Surface Source Property Utility”, new tool for TracePro | 200 W high-output laser: LZH relativity theory and a “window into outer space” | Opening up new perspectives: MachVis helps you find the lens you need | Compact and easy to use: Positioning in the micrometer and nanometer range | LINOS mag.x™ series reflective-refractive mirror lenses | Fiber-coupled THz measurement modules.

Optolines N° 18 — Q3 2008
Welcome Point Source | Trade-fair follow-up | LINOS Catalog 08|09 | More options for spectroscopy: LINOS expands Microbench applications | Powerful for in-line applications: Cylindrical HeNe laser line expanded | Professor Gerd Litfin: President of the German Physics Society (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft e.V.) | Optics, optomechanics, optoelectronics: OPTATEC 2008, June 17-20, 2008 Trade Fair-Follow-Up | Broadband anti-reflective coating: New standard coating for the UV range | Varioptic auto-focus liquid lenses: Targeting new applications. 

Optolines N° 16 — Q1 2008
High impact laser – when light talks! | German President Koehler visits Professor Hell | Gauss dome mobile | New products for the UV range – The extended bm.x series | A-Zoom2 – the new generation of zoom lenses | Additions to the Microbench – XY adjustment plate and magnetic support plate | Reflecting lens mag.xTM – Provides outstanding imaging | New absorption measurements – Photothermal process for Hartmann-Shack sensor | Varioptic Arctic 314 – Autofocus liquid lens series | Important guest – German Chancellor Merkel at the Goettingen Laser Laboratory | Highly efficient array generators with micro-optics | Qioptiq Imaging Solutions in Rochester – New additions to the portfolio from Qioptiq | OptiBelPro: Automated and macro language based.

Optolines N° 15 — Q4 2007
Awarded: The “Golden Microbench” | 19th Goettingen City Run | Measurement 08 | Now available: The new mirror mount – adjust.x™ | LINOS service for users: TracePro® Training program | Optem zoom lenses for industrial image processing | Qioptiq in Asslar: From small series to complex components | Holographic tweezers –Using light modulators in microscopes | Innovators for Optical Applications – MOEMS | New: Practical fork clamp makes assembly more flexible.
Optolines N° 14 — Q3 2007
LINOS at Laser 2007 in Munich | wzw optic holds “housewarming” party for new premises | LINOS at the Laser 2007 in Munich | wzw optic holds “housewarming” party for new premises | Mobile: TRISTAN® USB: new spectro­ meters from the TRISTAN® series | The ultimate in frictionless preci­ sion: Precision positioner with solid state joints | Mirror mount adjust.x™: New LINOS series coming soon | Teleportation – Latest new from Tokyo: Science fiction or science? | Fluorescence spectroscopy: Optomechanical design software TraceProT | Balloon­borne telescope SUNRISE: Up, up and away in the name of solar research | Analysing properties more accurately: putting the laser to more economical use.

Optolines N° 13 — Q2 2007
F.O.M. conference in Goettingen | Anniversary: 20 years of Laser Laboratory Goettingen Assoc. | APP Singapore – a new cooperation partner in Asia | The LINOS-QIOPTIQ merger: Setting the agenda for growth | Fiber-optic beam splitter: Ideal with applications in valuable UV-laser modules | New from LINOS: BeamProfiler with software – che.x is measuring beam quality | New liquid lenses: Small, robust and competitive – ideal for camera phones, PDAs, etc | Making sounds visible – Institute for Viennese Sound Style | High-precision OEM bandpass filters – fluorescence detection and further applications | Infinity-corrected lenses from QIOPTIQ – best possible imaging performance.

Optolines N° 12 — Q1 2007
Experts Conference on Industrial Optical Detectors in Boeblingen, Germany | WinLensTM – seminars, firmly anchored | The ‘Deutsche Zukunftspreis’ awarded to Professor Stefan Hell | The x.act Series from LINOS – equipped with drivers for LINUX | Micro Mirrors for adaptive optics – image improvement through wavefront correction | Exclusively from WimOptik for the LINOS Microbench – new XY-Positioning Stage | The SPECTARIS Industrial Federation – supporting innovation drivers | LINOS services: the coating of lenses – coating of microoptics | PSM Potential Seebeck Microprobe – A multidisciplinary measurement technique | LINOS Photographic Competition – catching that optical moment.

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