Optem M2 APO Couplers for High-End Research Imaging

Leverage the full power of your high-resolution research-grade camera and detect the subtlest details of your specimen with complete confidence.

Optem Camera Couplers

The NEW Optem M2 APO Coupler Series is specifically designed to optimize image transfer to your high-end, research-grade cameras so you can detect the most subtle color distinctions and specimen features.


• Apochromatic optics provide high-resolution
   imaging across the visible spectrum
• Compact package improves image stability
   and instrument ergonomics.
• Telecentric design to 5-degrees ensures high camera efficiency,
   minimum color spread, and uniform illumination across the
   entire field.
• Robust optics exceed the Nyquist sampling of today’s larger-
   format cameras, providing clear, sharp imagery over the entire
• Broadband anti-reflection coating delivers maximum photon
   transmission in fluorescence and other low-light imaging.
• Adjustable iris reduces pixelation with digital zoom functions in
   most cameras
• Select from 0.5X, 0.7X, and 1.1X magnifications to maximize chip
   coverage of a today’s Mega-pixel

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Optem M2 APO Couplers for High-End Research Imaging

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