Optem Digital
Camera Couplers

Optem® digital camera couplers offer quick
and easy research imaging. Now, sharing
your research imagery with colleagues is
easier than ever with the expanded line of
Optem Digital Camera Couplers.

Optem Digital Camera Couplers

With the addition of the Omni Coupler, your digital micrography
has never been better.

Optem Digital Camera Couplers

Connect a multitude of major brand digital cameras to most any
compound or stereo microscope for quick and easy digital imaging.

• Can be mounted easily into a variety of common microscope
   photoports, phototubes or eyepiece ports
• Feature a 28mm, 37mm, or 43mm (M37 x 0.75) front end thread for
   easier camera integration.
• Quik-Connect Kits ensure a quick one-stop solution For the most
   popular camera models.
• Compatible with Optem® Micro-inspection Lenses

NOTE: Some digital cameras may require additional lens-tube adapters
(to accommodate protruding zoom lenses) and/or step down rings (for
non-standard thread variations). Consult your camera owner’s manual
and/or refer to one of the recommended camera supply web sites below.

Available exclusively from Best Scientific ltd
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Optem Digital Camera Couplers

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