Optical Systems
and Flexible Laser
Technology™ for

Over many years, Qioptiq has built close
partnerships with the world’s leading
ophthalmic equipment manufacturers.

Optical Systems and Flexible Laser Technology™ for Ophthalmology

Design and manufacturing services
Whether it is build-to-print, design for manufacturability based on your
layout, or our design and manufacturing to your requirements, Qioptiq
is your partner of choice whenever you need high precision optics
solutions for your ophthalmic instrumentation.

Collaborative work
The key to our success is our detailed understanding of our customer’s
applications. We work together with our customers to develop OEM
solutions for the diverse ophthalmic disciplines.

End-to-end service
Our teams can help you from conception of your instruments through
product development to serial production and after-sales service.

Learn more about our specific zones of expertise:
Refractive Surgery
Ophthalmic Measurement
Retinal Diagnostics
Eye Implants
Ophthalmic Laser and Fiber Technology
Other Ophthalmic Optics

Learn more about our standard products

Refractive Surgery


Expert systems for refractive surgery

Qioptiq has many years of experience in the
conceptualization, design and production of laser
beam delivery systems for femtosecond laser
refractive surgery in the cornea as well as in the
crystalline lens. These systems typically require the
highest quality of all optical and mounting elements
to achieve diffraction-limited focusing in the tissue.
All objective lenses have to be carefully designed
and matched together.
Beam delivery systems from the laser to the eye
Qioptiq is your expert partner for the layout of your optical system, from
the laser source to the patient’s eye. We provide you with a tailored
solution for beam shaping and expansion, beam propagation and deflection,
and the final focusing. Zoom optics allow you to address the full working
volume inside the tissue with homogenous spot quality and constant
numerical aperture.

Complex opto-mechanic assemblies
When you work with Qioptiq, you can be assured that the optics are
perfectly matched to the scanning principle best suited for your specific
application. The working laser beam path together with all required
diagnostic channels can be integrated to one optical assembly, arriving at
your site perfectly aligned, fully tested and ready to go into your system.
Specialized manufacturing technologies together with proprietary lens
mounting techniques guarantee reliable production of your optical system.

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Ophthalmic Measurement


The tools and systems you need for
ophthalmic measurement
Refractive surgical procedures like LASIK or the
implantation of artificial intraocular lenses require
high precision measurements of the geometry of
all eye media. Corneal thickness and topography,
anterior chamber depth, crystalline lens thickness,
white-to-white distance, or total eye length have to
be known to a high accuracy. Qioptiq can help.
A wide variety of measurement principles
Placido imaging, Scheimpflug cross sectional imaging, and optical low
coherence reflectometry are the methods of choice. Qioptiq is ready to
help you implement these methods in your instrumentation with a custom
specific optical solution integrating all required beam paths. You can focus
on your ophthalmic application Qioptiq will provide you with an optical
assembly perfectly matched to your requirements, reliably manufactured at
constantly high quality, and tested for performance.

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Retinal Diagnostics


The solution you need for retinal diagnostics

Whether you require a complete optics assembly,
high quality sub-assemblies, a fiber-coupled laser,
or a fiber delivery system, Qioptiq has the solution.
Our experts are very familiar with a wide range
of diagnostics applications including confocal
retinal scanning, color and IR fundus photography,
fluorescence analysis, and optical coherence
tomography (OCT).
Multiple beam path systems
Solutions for high resolution fundus imaging often require a multitude of beam
paths which have to be perfectly aligned with each other: fundus illumination,
high resolution retinal imaging or OCT retinal scanner, NIR retinal preview, eye
fixation target projection, or an additional pupil alignment aid. Qioptiq can
help: we have the very latest in state-of-the-art fiber optic laser technology
and can develop and manufacture your OEM customized optical assembly with
all required beam paths to your specifications. You can count on our experience
and our high quality manufacturing.

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Eye Implants

 Eye Implants 

Innovation in progress

In close cooperation with our customer, Qioptiq is currently playing a key role in developing and producing the optical system for an innovative implantable miniature telescope (IMT™), which provides an effective cure for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a disorder of the retina that affects nearly 15 million people in the United States alone. The IMTTM is currently under clinical trial in the US and Europe with good results and the release to the general market is expected in the near future. Watch our site for news about this innovation breakthrough!

Selected for our micro-optics manufacturing technology
With Qioptiq’s extensive experience in micro-optics manufacturing, we were
the partner of choice to manufacture the custom-specific optics system to
the tightest tolerances and complex specifications.

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Ophthalmic Laser and Fiber Technology

 and Fiber

Ophthalmic laser and fiber technology

For laser-based ophthalmic diagnostic and surgical
procedures, a perfectly stable transmission of the laser
light to the instrument head in single mode quality is
required. Qioptiq can help, with our broad spectrum
of fiber-coupled diode and DPSS lasers as well as our
complete fiber optic delivery solutions.

Flexible Laser Technology™
Qioptiq is proud to have acquired Point Source,
established world leader in the field of Flexible Laser
Technology™, in 2008. In 2010, Point Source changed its
name and logo to become a full part of Qioptiq. Our
award-winning Flexible Laser Technology™ comprises
the well-known products iFLEX2000™, kineFLEX™, and iFLEX-Mustang™. Fiber coupled laser engines from the UV to Infrared, in single or multi-wavelength packages, with low noise and high power stability, polarization maintained if required, operating continuous wave or with digital modulation, deliver a beam perfectly collimated or shaped to your requirements.

Confocal scanning
For confocal scanning laser applications, we provide you with standard or
customized fiber guide technology and laser sources perfectly matched for
fluorescence excitation. The kineMATIX™ optomechanical system guarantees a
perfectly stable coupling from the laser source to the fiber light guide.

The solution for your needs
Do you have specific requirements for a laser engine? Contact us to set up an
appointment with a Qioptiq expert — and get started on finding a solution
tailored to your needs.

Other Ophthalmic Optics


The response to any other requirement you may have

Do you have a specific application not mentioned
here? Do you need an optics assembly that does not
fit into one of the categories here?

Qioptiq is your perfect partner in developing a
tailored optics solution to your unique requirements.
Our teams can help you from conception of your
instruments through product development to serial
production and after-sales service.

If you simply need some custom components or a
small subsystem for your instrument, we are also
ready to help.
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Our Standard Products
High quality, right off the shelf

Qioptiq’s world-renowned Q-Shop (formerly the LINOS Shop) certainly has the standard
components you need for your experimental setups.

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Optical Systems and Flexible Laser Technology™ for Ophthalmology

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