Night Vision



MONIE Night Vision Monocular Device

MONIE constitutes a new step in the miniaturisation of the general purpose night vision devices.

Like LUCIE (night vision goggles), MONIE offers a wide 51° field of view and can be used either as a monocular or in BI-MONIE configuration with 3d effect.

MONIE is compatible with 2nd Generation tube, XD4, XR5 with autogaging (option) or 3rd Generation tube.

MONIE offers 4 magnifications (1x in standard, 4x, 5x and 6x) and is in full accordance with military specifications.

MONIE monocular and BI-MONIE configuration devices are used for various applications hands-free or hand-held: walking, observation, aiming, driving or any night-time tasks.

Mechanical & Environmental

•  Ultra compact and lightweight

•  Head-mounted or hand-held

•  Adjustable gain for reducing eye strain

•  Built in infra red illuminator with IR-on indicator in the eyepiece

•  High light cut off set

•  Powered by only one standard battery

•  Low voltage indicator

•  Waterproof

Multi-featured face-mask:
•  Quick mounting, dismounting
•  Auto-off when the monocular is flipped up or removed
•  Folding structure for storage
•  Used for the right or left eye in hands-free operation

•  Quick mounting magnifiers: 4x, 5x or 6x

•  Weapon mount

•  3D vision for driving application
Standard Configuration  
•  Monocular
•  Batteries
•  Carrying bag
•  Left eye support
•  Face mask
•  User manual
•  Cleaning set
•  Right eye support

Optical Accessories
•  4x, 5x or 6x magnifier lens
•  Helmet adaptor
•  Transport case
•  Weapon mount (picatinny interface)
•  Binocular support (two monoculars)

Main Features
•  Magnification 1x: Field of view 51°
•  Magnification 4x: Field of view 9°
•  Magnification 5x: Field of view 10°
•  Magnification 6x: Field of view 8.5°
•  Intensifier tube: 2nd Gen., XD4, XR5 with autogaging (option) or 3rd Gentube.
•  Automatic brightness control
•  Typical on-axis resolution at optimum light level: 1.1 cycles/mrd with XD4 tube (60Ip/mm), 1.2 cycles/mrd with XR5 tube (72Ip/mm)
•  Dioptre adjustment: -6 to +3 dioptres
•  Eye relief: >17mm
•  Focus range: 20cm to infinity
•  Monocular weight (with battery): <270g
•  Power supply: (1) standard 1.5V or 3.6V (Lithium) AA battery, 1.2V rechargeable battery
•  Size: 75 x 70 x 68cm

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