Optical Solutions and
Flexible Laser Technology™
for Microscopy

Qioptiq serves a large variety of disciplines
in the medical market. We can develop
tailored solutions for any diagnostic or
surgical instrumentation involving optics.

Optical Solutions and Flexible Laser Technology™ for Microscopy

Microscopy for Life Science Research

In addition to our vast array of standard microscopy products for life
sciences, materials sciences, and manufacturing inspection, Qioptiq
brings to bear over 100 years of expertise in delivering customer-specific
solutions in microscopy and fluorescence imaging applications
with expediency and efficiency.

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Optem Microscopy Camera Couplers
Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy

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Optem Microscopy Camera Couplers


Qioptiq offers an extensive line of Optem® Camera
Couplers to aid research scientists in mounting
most any camera to most any microscope with
top-grade image transmission quality. Select from a
wide variety of Coupler types, camera mounts and
optical magnifications to meet your specific camera
integration needs.

Nearly 15 years experience in engineering and
manufacturing Optem Couplers for scientific
imaging affords us particular expertise in
optomechanical camera integration, wavelength
versatility, microscopic image transmission, field
uniformity and camera performance optimization.

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Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy


For confocal scanning laser microscopy, the stability
and beam quality of the laser source are the key
for good imaging results. Qioptiq’s offering will far
surpass your expectations.

Single or Multiple Wavelength Laser
Qioptiq can provide you with standard or
customized fiber guide technology and single or
multiple wavelength laser sources which can be
perfectly matched for fluorescence excitation if

Our kineMATIX™ optomechanical system guarantees
a perfectly stable coupling from the laser source to
the fiber light guide.

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Our Standard Products
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Qioptiq’s world-renowned Q-Shop (formerly the LINOS Shop) certainly has the
standard components you need for your experimental setups.

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Zoom and Microscope Optics
Achromats and Lens Systems
Faraday Isolators
Laser Modulators and Pockels Cells
Machine Vision Lenses
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Optical Solutions and Flexible Laser Technology™ for Microscopy

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