Night Sight

is a lightweight night vision adaptor for
military and law enforcement operators
who want to retain the use of their
existing day scopes.

Qioptiq — MERLIN-LR Weapon-Mounted Night Sight

•  Low Profile In Line Clip On Configuration •  Lightweight & Compact Design •  Ruggedised & Stable

•  Low Profile In Line Clip On Configuration
•  Lightweight & Compact Design
•  Ruggedised & Stable Design

MERLIN-LR can be fitted with a wide range of
Standard and Auto Gating Image Intensifier Tube
Variants from US and European manufacturers.

MERLIN-LR provides snipers with a 24-hour capability by placing the high-
resolution collimated night sight in front of the existing day sight. It can be
installed and removed without the need for rezeroing, and ensures a high
nighttime first round hit probability.

MERLIN-LR attaches via a quick release mount onto either a primary or
secondary picatinny rail attached to the weapon. (Other mounting options
are available).

MERLIN-LR is powered from 1 commercially-available 1.5V AA battery
which provides up to 40 hours continuous use.

MERLIN-LR controls are easily accessible by the user.

Main features
•  Field of View: 9°
•  Magnification: x1
•  Range Performance:
        Detection: 1500m
        Recognition: 600m
        Identification: 200m
•  Weight: 1400g (Excl. bracket, batteries, lightshield)
•  Intensifier Tube: 18mm - Gen2 / Gen3 Compatible
•  Power Source: 2XAA Batteries
•  Running Time: ≈ 80 hours @ 20°C (Lithium)
•  Boresight Stability: <0.5 MoA
•  Accessories: Light & Dust Shield, Weapon Bracket, Pouch, Transit Ca

MERLIN-LR is part of the MERLIN family of night vision products from
Qioptiq utilizing the latest optical technologies to deliver world leading
performance and reliability.
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