mag.x System 125...
for large sensors

The mag.x system 125 is the first off-the-shelf microscope system that is specifically designed to be used with large sensors with a chip diagonal of up to 56 mm. The system is fully modular and can be adapted to many applications that require high resolution with large field-of-view.









Customized Inspection Solutions

Mag.x System 125 … Exceptional resolution
covering broad fields of view
Ideally suited for precision micro-inspection applications, the new mag.x System 125 from Qioptiq combines precision engineering with innovative optical design to deliver exceptional resolution across  broad fields-of-view (up to 12.5mm Ø depending on configuration).

There are numerous applications that benefit from the versatility and superior optical performance of this all new micro imaging system. This combination of high-resolution optics and large-format sensor optimization expedites many inspection tasks and enables other applications which may have previously been altogether unachievable.

Among many others, some of these applications include:

    • Flat-panel display (FPD) inspection
    • Semiconductor inspection and processing
    • MEMS & Nanotechnology
    • Printed circuit board (PCB) inspection
    • University and laboratory research
    • Technical microscopy
    • Materials science
    • Micro measurement & metrology
    • Biomedical imaging

                                      Designed for large Sensors
Inspection of extended objects is often done using line sensors due to the high speed of these sensors and the continuous object movement that becomes possible with these sensors. Mag.x System 125 supports up to 56mm image circle and is therefore a perfect match for 8k TDI line sensors. Coupled with such high-resolution, large-format line scan sensors, the Mag.x 125 enables users to scan large areas of interest with fewer passes, significantly increasing inspection throughput.

Long working distance combines with object space telecentricity
Thanks to long working distances of up to a generous 24.8mm and correction of the lenses without cover glasses, this system can be universally employed in technical inspection applications. The parfocal distance of the lenses is 125mm.

Additionally exact object space telecentricity is precisely maintained, eliminating measurement errors due to 3-dimensional objects or because of a variation in object position. Image side telecentricity also helps to achieve exact measurement results and furthermore prevents brightness variations with sensors using microlenses.

Chromatic correction
The optics are highly chromatically corrected in the spectral range of 430–700nm. High Contrast is maintained over the entire spectrum and no re-focusing is required if the illumination wavelength is changed. Multispectral imaging becomes possible without any additional focus needs

Integrated Illumination

High resolution inspection needs defined illumination that is optimally adjusted. This is why mag.x system125 sports built-in coupled illumination for coaxial bright field illumination. The illumination system operates on the Koehler principle, with adjustable aperture and field stops. Thus the illumination and coherence parameters of the image (relationship of illumination and imaging aperture) can be appropriately adjusted for individual inspection tasks. As an accessory an adapter is available for dark field illumination.


High resolution systems always feature small depth of field. Autofocus systems enable high resolution inspection of objects that are not perfectly flat. The optional Piezo Unit is the active part for focusing. It can be combined either with the AF base unit that enables through-the-lens AF or with any other solution that detects the object position. The AF base unit offers a universal port that is compatible to a variety of AF sensors.

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