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MachVis Software Version History

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Version 3.9
  • New lenses: MeVis-CF 16, 35 and 50mm; Macro-CCD lenses
  • New camera mount M95
  • Focus tubes and camera adapters for M95
  • Update data sheets
  • Some small enhancements

Version 3.8.0
  • New lenses: NIR lenses and inspec.x L lenses for use with prism as well as Apo-Rodagon N 90 and Rodagon 150
  • Remark column for lenses implemented
  • Obsolete lenses are marked
  • Many small enhancements

Version 3.7.1
  • New lenses: Apo-Rodagon HR 0.5x, inspec.x L 3.5/105 5x included
  • New adapter for inspec.x L lenses included
  • New order numbers included
  • Many small enhancements

Version 3.6.1
  • Added two new lenses: Rodagon F 40 and Rodagon F 60
  • Standard sensor dimensions are now displayed in the sensor dimension boxes if a standard sensor is chosen
  • Protection against corrupt INI file causing a crash
  • Online help extended with a hint on using full diameter as object size

Version 3.5.1
  • Links to 3D CAD data on the Linos website included 
  • New Summary feature for concise overview of suggested solution 
  • New lens overview PDF added 
  • New lens added: inspec.x L 4/105 3.5x 
  • Up to 20x faster for lenses in retro position 
  • New Quote button 
  • Apo Rodagon D1x is no longer used in retro position 
  • New address of Linos office added 
  • Small changes to the printout 
  • New datasheet of inspec.x M 2.8/100 
  • Online help extended (description how to set up a camera list is added)

Version 3.0.1
  • Ported to .NET for future compatiblity 
  • Added option to select a camera from user supplied camera list[s] as an alternative to selecting sensor size, camera mount & cbd 
  • Added overview form and data sheets for LINOS mechanical accessories 
  • Added field for designer name 
  • File extension .spec is now associated to MachVis on installation 
  • Corrected data for inspec.x L 4/60 and 4/100 
  • Changed order numbers for Rodagon 28 and Apo-Rodagon D 120 
  • Removed Apo Rodagon D2 50mm

Version 2.0.5
  • bug fix: PCs running chinese windows did not show inspec.x L 5.6/105 lenses
  • added new Rodagon F 50mm lens
  • slight changes of lens data (inspec.x M 2.8/100)
  • corrected lens adaptor for Rodagon WA 80

Version 2.0.4
  • Bug fix: Focus Unit order numbers for special lenses corrected 
  • New graphics for inspec.x L 4.0/60 and 4.0/100 
  • Updated data sheets for inspec.x L 5.6/105 and inspec.x M 2.8/100 
  • Phone numbers updated 
  • Updated Rodagon-WA 40 data

Version 2.0.3
  • bug fix: Magnification is used for the printout if specified instead of object size
  • bug fix: inspec.x L 5.6/105 is now also suggested in retro position

Version 2.0
New features: 
  • lenses can now be calculated in retro position 
  • extension rings for MeVis-C lenses are suggested if necessary 
  • instead of object dimension the magnification can be specified 
  • the recommended magnification range of the lenses can be extended for calculations 
  • sliders for small adjustments of object size and working distance 
  • calculation of DOF for user defined f-stops 
  • complete length of optics is displayed on the printout 
  • updated datasheets

Bug fixes:
  • wrong lens adapter with Apo-Rodagon D 120 is corrected

Version 1.2:
  • incorrect EFL calculated when total W.D. is used 
  • wrong flange focal distance shown in schematic system drawing when no real solution[s] is found
  • minor changes in the lens database

Version 1.1: first public version

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