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Machine Vision Lenses

With the trend towards smaller pixels and larger image sensors, it is literally impossible to utilize standard economy CCTV lenses without sacrificing imaging performance.

Qioptiq offers the highest-performance optics to fully leverage the resolution and sensor size potential of today’s premium cameras.

Fetura Advanced Programmable Zoom Lenses
Optem Precision Micro Inspection Lenses
Optem Long-Working Distance Objectives
MeVis-C Lenses
inspec.x-UV/M/L Lenses
Rodagon Lenses
Macro CCD Lenses
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Fetura Advanced Programmable Zoom Lenses 

Unlike any zoom optical lens, Fetura® represents the performance apex of zoom
optical technology. Designed specifically for high-precision imaging in the most
 grueling automated imaging applications, Fetura 12.5:1 Lens features a unique
linear rail optomechanical design, delivering unprecedented precision, speed,
reliability and enduring precision to your 1/3” to 1” format camera. An
onboard microprocessor affords extensive programmability, control
and repeatability.  

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Optem Precision Micro Inspection Lenses
The extensive line of Optem® Micro-Inspection Lenses offers a wide variety of
both Fixed-magnification economy and Zoom-optical precision and imaging
flexibility. All are optimized to maximize performance of today’s 1/3” to 1”
sensors. Optem Lenses feature precision optomechanics for the finest
repeatability, as well as modular design interchangability to provide
configuration versatility and field-of-view flexibility to meet OEM integration
space constraints.  

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Optem Long-Working Distance Objectives
When you require additional magnification from your Fetura Advanced Zoom Lens or Optem Micro-Inspection Lens System, integrate any of the Optem Long Working Distance (LWD) Objectives. Select from a variety of magnifications in either High-Resolution LWD Objectives which offer maximum numerical aperture (NA), or Optem M-Plan APO LWD Objectives which offer flat field and zero chromatic aberration. Optem LWD Objectives offer exceptional working distance to afford greater space in and around the subject. 

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MeVis-C Machine Vision Lenses
The Qioptiq MeVis-C lenses are specifically developed for use with the
highest resolution sensors available on the market. An exceptionally high
resolution across the entire sensor ensures excellent performance for the
most demanding applications.

Designed with no brightness fall off or distortion across the full field and
a chromatic correction through the entire operating wavelength range
(450 - 900nm) to eliminate irritating color fringes these lenses resolve up
to 120 lines per mm even in the extreme image corners. The resolution is
high enough for a 12Megapixel sensor with up to 1inch image diameter.

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inspec.x-UV/M/L Machine Vision Lenses
inspec.x-UV Lenses:
Optical systems acquire their high imaging performance mainly by a
sophisticated combination of optical glasses with different diffraction
and dispersion. In contrast to the visible region there are only a few
crystal glasses available for the optical designer to develop a UV system.
Furthermore the outstanding resolution requirements for such systems
enforce precise mounting technologies as typically accepted tolerances
for the single lens elements are below 1μm!

inspec.x-M Lenses: 
The new inspec.x M series closes the gap between the outstanding c-mount
MeVis-C lenses and the large format inspec.x L scan lenses. Equipped with
lockable manual focus and manual iris these F-mount lenses are the ideal
choice for high resolution 35mm format sensors. To cover the magnification
range from infinity to 1:2 without a drop of quality the lenses are designed
with a floating element.

inspec.x-L Lenses: 
The inspec.x L line consists of six lenses. While the 4/60 and 4/100 lenses
are optimized for a magnification of 1:30 and 1:20 the four variants of the
5.6/105 are optimized for 1:3, 1:2, 1:1.5 and 1:1 respectively. All lenses
cover line sensors of up to 70mm length, and the superb resolution makes
it possible to use the lenses for pixel sizes down to 5μm. The 4/60 and the
4/100 can be equipped with the Modular Focus focusing unit and a broad
range of different camera mounts, whereas the 5.6/105 lenses are
mountable via a v-groove.

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Rodagon Machine Vision Lenses
The high resolution of the Apo-Rodagon-D lenses make them an optimum
solution for cameras with a pixel size down to 5μm. The high resolution is
accompanied by ultra low distortions and neglectable color fringing. The
lenses are optimized for magnification range from 1:2 to 1:1. All lenses
have the “Leica-thread“ M39x1.26“ lens mount in common.

Designed to the highest standards, Rodagon Lenses offer unprecedented
optical performance for the most demanding applications. The large image
field allows use with large format line scan and area scan cameras. The lenses
are compatible with nearly any common mount through the use of our broad
range of mechanical accessories.

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Macro CCD Lenses 
Macro Lenses for CCD cameras feature the highest resolution, excellent
contrast, color neutrality and are virtually free of distortion. The Macro
CCD lenses are designed for
1/2“ and 2/3“ sensors.

A large selection of Macro Lenses is available: With fixed focal lengths for
magnifications of 0.14 x (ratio 1:7) to 8 x (ratio 8:1),which can be supplied
with various fixed diaphragm aperture settings and a number of Macro
Lenses with fixed focal lengths for magnifications of 2 x to 8 x which are
available in a choice of versions with parallel axis illumination for
shadow-free illumination (for example in narrow recesses).

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Machine Vision Lenses

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