Night Vision



LUCIE is a binocular goggle based on a patented optical design offering a very compact head-mounted system, with a wide 51° field of view instead of the traditional 40° field of view.  

Thanks to its lightweight and compact/low profile design, LUCIE offers exceptional long wearing comfort.  

LUCIE is compatible with 2nd Generation tube, XD4, XR5 with autogaging (option) or 3rd Generation tube.  

LUCIE offers 4 magnifications (1x in standard, 4x, 5x and 6x) and is in full accordance with military specifications.  

LUCIE has been sold all over the world for various applications such as special operations, night insertions, urban warfare, surveillance, observation and under-cover operations.  

Mechanical & Environmental 

•  Ultra compact and lightweight

•  Head-mounted or hand-held

•  Quick mounting, dismounting and flip up face-mask system, with auto-off feature

Multi-features face-mask:
•  Quick mounting, dismounting, with auto-off when the monocular is flipped up or removed
•  Folding structure for storage
•  Built in infra red illuminator with IR-on indicator in the left eye piece
•  High light cut off

•  Used with standard batteries

•  Low voltage indicator

•  Waterproof

•  Quick mounting magnifiers: 4x, 5x or 6x

Standard Configuration 
•  Goggle
•  Batteries
•  Carrying bag
•  Face mask
•  User manual
•  Cleaning set

Optional accessories
•  4x, 5x or 6x magnifier lens
•  Magnifier carrying bag
•  Helmet adaptor
•  Transport case  

Main Features 
•  Magnification 1x: Field of view 51°
•  Magnification 4x: Field of view 9°
•  Magnification 5x: Field of view 10°
•  Magnification 6x: Field of view 8.5°
•  Intensifier tube: 2nd Gen., XD4, XR5 with autogaging (option) or 3rd Gen. tube. Automatic brightness control
•  Typical on-axis resolution at optimum light level: 1.0 cycles/mrd with XD4 tube (60 Ip/mm). 1.1 cycles/mrd with XR5 tube (72 Ip/mm)
•  Dioptre adjustment: -5 to +3 dioptres
•  Interpupillary distance: 56mm to 74mm
•  Eye relief: >17mm
•  Focus range: 20cm to infinity
•  Goggle weight (with battery): <435g
•  Power supply: (1) standard 1.5V or 3.6V (Lithium) AA battery, 1.2V rechargeable battery
•  Size: 126 x 74.5 x 68mm
•  Operating time at 20°C:
    •  Standard tube: 1.5V battery, 45 hours
    •  Standard tube: 3.6V battery, 70 hours
    •  Autogating tube: 1.5V battery, 25 hours
    •  Autogating tube: 3.6V battery, 40 hours
•  Operating temperature: -40°C to +50°C
•  Storage temperature: -51°C to +65°C
•  Water Immersion: 1 metre for 2 hours (navy version on request)

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