Micro-Optical Solutions and Components for Endoscopy

Qioptiq is a leading supplier for
components and assemblies for rigid
and flexible endoscopes. 

Micro-Optical Solutions and Components for Endoscopy

Customized micro-optic components for endoscopy
Qioptiq excels in providing complete micro objectives ready
for your application. Diameters can go down to 0.8 mm and
the field of view up to 170°. For micro-optical lens systems,
we create a diaphragm by applying a chromium layer directly
on the surface of the lens. Pinhole diameters down to 0.1 mm
(5µm accuracy and 10µm de-centering) are also available.

Standard Qioptiq HD Micro Objectives
Owed to many years of experience in the field of Chip-On-The-Tip
technology, Qioptiq was able to push the development and production
of new objectives for small image sensors.

The FALCON Series for 1/10" is available in fields-of-view
of 90°, 110° and 140°.

With a total length of only 5 mm, (including back focal distance)
the FALCON micro objectives contain a five-part lens system with
an integrated infra-red-absorbing-filter and a lithographically
generated aperture.

A significant feature of the FALCON micro objectives is the high MTF,
making them ideal for small detector dimensions. These objectives
are designed for the nominal object distance of s0 = 6 mm. Each of the
objectives can be focused at a respective working distance of 3–50 mm.
Within this working distance and at a spatial frequency of 100 lp/mm,
the MTF is >30%. Within the nominal object distance, the guaranteed
MTF of 135 lp/mm for the near-axis rays is above average.

Another specific feature is the unvignetted image of these objectives
which guarantees an optimal homogeneity of the illumination intensity
(means a minimum middle-edge fall-off in brightness), only limited
by physical rules.

Our EAGLE Series of micro-objectives deliver similar high-performance
imaging specifications, but are designed specifically for 1/6“ image sensors.

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Video Couplers for endoscopes
Beyond micro optics for endoscopes, Qioptiq also provides customized
solutions for mounting a wide array of cameras to your endoscope to
achieve optimal image transmission quality.

Design and manufacturing services
Whether it is build-to-print to your design, or fresh designs and
manufacture of custom components to meet your unique requirements,
Qioptiq is your partner of choice for highest-precision endoscopy
micro-optic solutions.

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Micro-Optical Solutions and Components for Endoscopy

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