Micro-Optical Solutions and Components for Endoscopy

Qioptiq is a leading supplier for
components and assemblies for rigid
and flexible endoscopes. 

Micro-Optical Solutions and Components for Endoscopy

Our OEM product range comprises compact objectives with different angles
as well as appropriate doublets. We can realize viewing directions of 0°, 25°,
30°, 70° and a field of view ranging from 70° to 135°.

Custom components
Beyond our standard offer, we also can provide customized rod lenses,
negatives, prisms and T-windows for rigid endoscopy in a diameter range
from 1.0 to 6.5 mm. Our assembly line teams routinely mount image
transmitters and complex mono- and binocular eyepiece assemblies.
We also manufacture custom-specific micro objectives (“chip-on-the-
tip”) for flexible endoscopy with a field of view up to 150° and a clear
aperture down to 0.8 mm at an outer diameter of 1.0 mm.

Video couplers for endoscopes
Beyond micro-optics for endoscopes, Qioptiq can also provide you
with customized solutions for mounting your type of camera to your
endoscope to achieve top-grade image transmission quality.

Design and manufacturing services
Whether it is build-to-print to your design, or our design and
manufacturing to your requirements, Qioptiq is your partner of choice
whenever you need high precision endoscopy optics solutions.

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Micro-Optical Solutions and Components for Endoscopy

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