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Design and Development - Optical Design

Design and Development

Optical Design

•  Design in all wavebands from deep UV to visible to long wave IR
•  Multi-spectral optics
•  Zoom lenses & multiple field-of-view optics
•  Optics for seeker heads, surveillance and target tracking
•  Optics for head-up displays and helmet-mounted displays
•  Design for military environments
•  Stray light analysis, narcissus analysis, athermalization

Mechanical Design
•  Design for hostile environments
•  Robust and lightweight designs
•  Complex packaging
•  Novel mechanisms, precision mechanisms
•  Finite element analysis
•  Cost efficient design and assembly

Electronic Design

•  Closed loop servo control for accurate positioning of lens groups
•  Embedded algorithms, active athermalization and focus laws
•  Display drivers & man/machine interface
•  Image processing
•  Camera systems

We recognize the need to continuously develop new technologies
in order to provide state-of-the-art designs that meet increasingly
demanding requirements.
•  Wavefront coding
•  High efficiency diffractive structures
•  Material bonding techniques
•  Conformal Optics
•  Free form surfaces
•  Advanced coatings
•  Cost efficient, precise and durable assembly technologies
•  Optical metrology technologies

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