Optical Solutions
for Dental Imaging

Qioptiq is a partner to many
of the world's leading dental
equipment manufacturers.

Optical Systems for Dental Imaging

For more than 15 years, Qioptiq has been putting its expertise in optical systems
to use building partnerships with many of the world’s leading dental equipment
manufacturers. Originally just a component supplier, we have over the years
become a true value-added OEM supplier with highly integrated products and
the full range of services that go with them.

Full spectrum
Our complete offer for dental imaging ranges from optical modules
to intraoral cameras and optical measuring systems (intra-oral and
extra-oral) for restorative dentistry CAD and CAM processes.

Learn more about our specific areas of expertise
in dental imaging and optics:

       • Intra-oral Cameras
       • 3D Dental Cameras
       • Dental X-Ray
       • Other Dental Optics

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Intra-oral Cameras


Leading-edge solutions for intra-oral cameras

Intra-oral cameras are an important part of
dentistry chair units and routinely serve to
understand what surgical procedures are necessary;
they also contribute to improving patient care
during treatments and consultations.

The key to Qioptiq’s success in this sector is our
focus on providing the best possible solutions to
dentists. Our teams strive to identify important
technology trends and possibilities as soon as
they happen, in order to implement them rapidly
into our products. For example, Qioptiq was the first industry actor to get rid
of the inconvenient procedure of focusing the intraoral camera manually; our
patented autofocus feature is now part of our product line. For adaption to
different holdings an electronic magnetic field sensor is equipped to our latest
intra-oral cameras. The threshold level of this sensor can freely be adjusted to
different holder situations.

Liquid lens autofocus
A liquid lens based on the physical effect of electro-wetting — together
with a powerful focusing algorithm — allowed us to produce this reliable
and extremely fast automated focusing. Beyond its technology uniqueness,
our camera also comes in a robust, water-proof and service-friendly housing
with a very modern and ergonomic design. The housing can easily be
changed to a custom-specific design, with cover materials according to your
requirements. Moreover the camera connects to the periphery via a simple
USB connector.

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3D Dental Cameras

 3D Dental

OEM Optical systems for 3D dental cameras

3D dental cameras are an indispensable component for the increasingly popular mechanical production of dental prostheses via CAD/CAM. Their images are the basis for perfect shaping processes and the fit of ceramic prostheses. Qioptiq benefits from a long and successful track record with custom industrialization and serial production of optical systems for 3D dental measurement. For leading dental equipment manufacturers Qioptiq is designing and producing those systems according the customer requirements.

Optical measurement
With 3D intraoral cameras, a dentist can conveniently and quickly acquire a 3D high-resolution digital impression of a single tooth as well as of the full dental arch.  For example a telecentric large depth of field optical system, together with a line grid projection, allows for the precise 3D measurement of the dental topography.

Non-contact digital imprint

Qioptiq has developed a range of solutions for non-contact procedures where the area of interest is scanned in three dimensions with a compact hand-held intraoral scanner. Also for extra-oral applications, we have the full design expertise for the industrialization of custom optics system according customer specification.

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Dental X-Ray

 Dental X-Ray

Dental X-ray solutions

Qioptiq develops and distributes imaging systems
for various X-ray imaging applications including
dental X-rays.
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Other Dental Optics

 Other Dental

The response to any other requirement you may have

Do you have a specific application not mentioned here?
Do you need an optics assembly that does not fit into
one of the categories here?

Qioptiq is your perfect partner in developing a tailored
optics solution to your unique requirements. Our teams
can help you from conception of your instruments
through product development to serial production and
after-sales service.

If you simply need some custom components or a small
subsystem for your instrument, we are also ready to
help. To send a question or make a request, click here.

Our Standard Products
High quality, right off the shelf

Qioptiq’s world-renowned Q-Shop (formerly the LINOS Shop) certainly has the
standard components you need for your experimental setups.

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Optical Systems for Dental Imaging

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