Laser Solutions

Qioptiq designs future-proof solutions
that integrate with your existing systems
and meet your exact application needs.









Custom Lasers Solutions

An extensive portfolio of custom laser Illumination solutions

Qioptiq designs future-proof solutions that integrate with your existing systems and meet your exact application needs. All our OEM laser and fiber-delivery solutions are designed, manufactured and tested in our state-of-the-art, Hamble, UK facility.

Excellence in OEM integration.
Photonic Engine
We excel in delivering innovative bespoke laser and fiber solutions for OEMs that can be easily integrated into instrumentation, and which provide reliable performance. We work in partnership with you to provide a combined illumination point source and to reduce your costs from being a single point-of-source supplier.

Our portfolio of Qioptiq and Point Source custom solutions is based upon our expansive technological capabilities.
Innovative ideas to solve real-world engineering challenges

Wavelength combination

Qioptiq supplied the world’s first laser combination system, or “laser engine”, over 15 years ago. They are developed in partnership with customers to exactly match your requirements. Using these systems our customers have built smaller and more robust instruments, which are easy to service.

•  Combine multiple wavelengths in 1 box with 1 co-linear beam
•  Combine multiple wavelengths in 1 box with multiple parallel output beams

Fiber Optic Solutions in Vacuum
Fiber optic systems for beam delivery or collection in vacuum and ultra-clean environments

Precision Fiber Interconnects

• Active alignment providing precision paired fibers

Beam Conditioning & Shaping

• We work with you to make the beam optimal for your application: Gaussian;
elliptical; homogenous; flat top; circular; focussed; waisted; etc.

• Reduce accumulated optical errors and reduce optical train size by integrating 
beam shaping into the fiber

Custom Laser Solutions

• We work with you in partnership to make the laser into your best fit, form 
and function for each instrument

Custom Fiber Solutions
• We work with you in partnership to develop and optimize the fiber design to achieve your best fit, form and function for each instrument.

Miniaturization with picoFLEX customization services
• We work with you to optimise the whole optical system including lasers, light emitting diodes, photo detectors, fibers and integrated beam shaping optics, plus the associated electrical and software control interfaces. For OEMs we offer this miniaturization custom design, research and development service as part of each development project. All designs are fully tested to the agreed specifications to ensure your satisfaction. As a result of this service some of our custom fiber coupled laser systems are half the size of their equivalent standard part and yet maintain all the performance. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Experience Quality

Qioptiq manufacture class-leading lasers, laser combination systems, fiber optics and fiber-coupled lasers. We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing these products within the original Point Source® facility, and more than 200-years of combined engineering knowledge in our design teams. The fibers and lasers are manufactured in an ISO9001:2008 accredited facility and tested to Telcordia standards for proven long life performance. Why not engage us to assist with design innovation for your next development?

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